If you want to develop a thriving online community of users or customers, adopting effective community management strategies is one of the best things you can do.

A properly managed community can be a powerful marketing tool.

In this article, we will let you know what is community management and why it is important and how to manage your community in the best way.

What is Community Management?

Community management is the process of maintaining a healthy and engaged community. 

The purpose of community management is to build a space where people can come together to share common interests, interact with one another, and collaborate. 

A successful community management strategy results in a more engaged and loyal customer base, as well as more opportunities for innovation and feedback.

Why is Community Management Important

A strong community can be a powerful force. It can help you build a better product, reach new customers, and scale your business. That’s why community management is so important. 

When done well, community management can lead to:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More brand awareness
  • Improved customer retention
  • Increased product usage
  • Higher customer lifetime value
  • More referrals and word-of-mouth marketing

Proper community management is essential for any online community that wants to thrive.

How to Build a Community Management Strategy

1. Build an online community website

The first step of your strategy is building a space for your members. You can do this by starting an online community using BuddyBoss.

2. Identify your audience

Before you build your community, you need to know who you want to include in it. Identify your target audience and what common interests they share.

3. Set goals.

After identifying your prospective members, you need to set some goals. What do you hope to achieve by building this community? What do you want your community members to get out of it?

4. Post regularly and engage with your audience.

You need to keep your community engaged. As the admin, you must always be active. Post frequently and encourage your members to interact with one another.

5. Measure your results.

Track your progress and measure your results against your goals. This will help you adjust your strategy and ensure that your community is healthy and thriving.

Community Management Best Practices

1. Have clear rules and guidelines for your community

It is important to have a set of rules and guidelines for your community. It helps to keep your space in order. Ensure that your community members are aware of the rules and guidelines.

2. Moderate your community

Moderation is the key to keeping a friendly community. Any content that is not allowed by rules should be removed. If certain members do not abide by the rules, they should also be banned.

3. Value the opinion of your community

Your members are the main resource of your community. Ask for their opinions and feedback on every measure that you take.

4. Show appreciation to community members

Show your gratitude for the contributions of your community members. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated to be more active in your space.

5. Always look for newer ways to keep your community engaged

Be on the lookout for new and innovative ways to engage your community. This could involve adding new features to your community website. You can also organize events, or just start new discussion topics.

Hiring a Community Manager

A community website can benefit greatly from hiring a Community Manager. A Community Manager can help to build and maintain a positive community around the website and can help to keep the website active and engaging.

Who is a Community Manager?

A community manager is a professional who is responsible for the online presence of a company or organization. They are responsible for creating and maintaining an online community for their customers or members.

Top Community Management Skills

Some of the top skills that a community manager should have are:

  • Excellent communication skills: A community manager should be able to communicate effectively with their customers or members. They should be able to understand their needs and wants and be able to respond to them in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Good organizational skills: A community manager should be able to keep track of the different conversations and threads taking place within the community. They should be able to prioritize and respond to the most important ones.
  • Strong customer service skills: A community manager should be able to provide excellent customer service. They should be able to resolve issues and complaints in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Good marketing skills: A community manager should be able to promote the company or organization’s products or services within the community. They should be able to generate leads and conversions.

Where to Find Community Managers

There are many places where you can find community managers. Some of the most popular ones are:

1. Upwork: This is a website where you can find professionals from all backgrounds, including community managers.

2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals, is another great place where you can find community managers.

3. The Community Club: This is a website to connect with fellow community professionals. It is an excellent place to find a lot of qualified community managers.


Community management is a vital part of any online community. 

Properly maintaining a community can help you establish a space for innovation, collaboration, and customer loyalty.

We hope this article gives you an idea of what is community management. We also discussed why it is so important to manage a community well. If you have questions, don’t forget to ask in the comment section below.

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