User Wall Posting

Modified on June 14, 2015

User Wall Posting requires that you have the BuddyBoss Wall plugin installed. The feature allows your members to interact with each other in an intuitive manner similar to Facebook, with interactive “Walls”, News Feeds, and Likes.

Activating User Wall Posting

  1. Go to Settings > BuddyPress > Components.
  2. Make sure both “Friend Connections” and “Activity Streams” are enabled.
  3. Go to the Settings > BuddyBoss Wall menu in your Dashboard.
  4. Configure the options as required for your site.

You should now be able to go any user’s profile and write on his or her Wall.



  1. I don’t want to allow Subscribers to get in the back-end of the site (no post the articles nor slide on WordPress configuration) .

    Subscribers are only allowed to update Activiies/profiles, create groups/forums, add photos through the front of the site (Buddyboss interface) .

    How can I set it up?

    1. Out of the box this is how it should be set up. Subscriber level users should not be able to access the admin, and if they somehow get into the admin, they don’t have permission to do anything beyond edit their profile info.

      1. @Michael, how does a user tag another user in a post, and do they need to be friends? (I am trying it now – with your name, the facebook way, but can’t see any linking happening.

        1. Ok awesome, it worked:) but can there be some kind of linking or underlining to help people know they can do that? Also how does it know to recognize you just by name? What if there is another @Michael?

  2. If the activity stream is turned on in order to facilitate wall posts, can I still keep the activity stream from showing up in other areas of the site?

    1. If the Activity stream is turned on, then it will appear in all of the places you would expect to see it – User profiles, Group activity, and on the main Activity index. We don’t have control of that within the theme. However you could remove it manually in a child theme with some code.

      1. Thanks. One more issue I face. The commen on each post don’t work suddenly. When U hit comment button, the page starts refreshing and back to the top of the page. Is there any idea to fix? Have u had the same issue in ur users?

  3. Hi..

    Thanks for a great theme.

    I had a buddypress install made for ca. 1 month ago with no problems + bbpress

    Now I made a new and installed your Buddyboss + Buddypress and bbpress.

    But now, on wall, (but also photo and activity) I get these messages:

    bp_is_page is deprecated since version 1.7 with no alternative available

    further down:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in….long url….

    It seems to be related to Buddyboss because Buddypress is working on the other site with out these messages and same version.

    Can you tell what is is and propose a solution?


    1. Glad you like the theme!

      bp_is_page error is fixed for next release. But a simple solution right now is to have your server turn off strict PHP errors. Then these should go away.

  4. Hi

    Is it possible to have likes in the activity stream and not use the wall feature. I am not sure what the wall feature does besides replacing activity.


    1. Philip,
      The wall plugin simply changes the activity feed in your profile to activity only about you, or mentioned you, or a group you are a member of. BuddyPress defaults this to all site activity. You are not able to disable the wall function. Hope this answers your question.

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