1. Thanks much for the great video tutorial on bwp-minify! – Would also be great someday if you have a tutorial about CDN Linker and setting it all up proper for MaxCDN.

  2. Yes a tutorial on CDN linker with max would be awesome! In the mean time I think I’ll use your super cache tutorial. But thanks for all the great tutorials!

  3. I just tried to use the Better WordPress Minify plugin in conjunction with the new Social Learner for Sensei child theme. There is some kind of conflict that makes the titlebar menu across the top of the page disappear. Any suggestions?

      1. After deleting a few items in my titlebar menu, I reactivated Better WordPress Minify. Now it seems to be working without making the titlebar menu disappear. Go figure.

  4. You don’t have to use Super Cache, CDN Linker is simpler.

    Download the plugin “CDN Linker” from Github (look for the “Download ZIP” button):

    Install and activate the plugin on your website.

    Go to Settings > CDN Linker in your WordPress dashboard. Then add your CDN URL that you noted earlier in the “CDN URL” field. If you’re using MaxCDN, it will look something like this:

    Save your settings. Your site should now be loading all assets via the CDN. To confirm, you can view your page source in a browser and you should see links (like stylesheets and Javascript files) using the new CDN URL structure.

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