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João Heep

JH International Group

Buddyboss changed everything. Finally, we can give people access to knowledge in the way they are used to, and the way you need it for your current life situation. With Buddyboss, our idea of working, networking, and collaborating has come true.

Stefan James

Project Life Mastery

I looked at Kajabi and Thinkific and Teachable and a variety of others, but they didn’t accomplish what I was looking for, they didn’t allow the customization and the experience standard that I wanted for my customers to be able to experience when they invest in my programs.

Katie Walthall Mehnert


We moved to BuddyBoss from Mighty Networks. Just bought the app for new year. It seems much easier and more robust than what I had. And what I was paying for an app was pretty crazy.

Cat Topham

Clan Dog

You don’t have to be a total tech genius to use it. But you have the flexibility to take it as far as you want to take it, which is something that’s really really important to us. And we’ve had fantastic feedback from our customers, who have straight away started using the app.

BuddyBoss Platform Overview


Connect your people

Enable your followers or customers to connect with your brand. Increase engagement and retention, and gather valuable feedback. Allow your people to learn from each other, increase your brand’s value, and reduce your workload.

Member Profiles

Everything on a community website revolves around its members. Customize your community with fully editable profile fields that allow members to share details about themselves.

Forum Discussions

Create a discussion forum to allow members of a group to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

Zoom Meetings

Take your online communities to a whole new level by effortlessly scheduling new Zoom meetings and managing past meetings for video conferencing.

Social Groups

The BuddyBoss Platform allows members to organize themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listings.

Member Connections

Allow members to make connections with one another and focus on those they care about most.


Upload and share any file type on your activity feed and social groups with the sitewide Documents feature.

  • Private Messaging
  • Network Search
  • Album & Media
  • User Content Management
  • Group Messaging
  • Activity Feeds
  • Branded and Customized emails

And more…


Sell access, generate revenue & create wealth

Charge subscriptions or one-time payments for access to your community, courses, digital downloads, groups, and more.

One Time Purchases

Sell access to your content and/or community as a one-time purchase.


Generate revenue on a regular basis by charging members on a recurring basis.


Create a membership for users to receive exclusive member-only content.

WooCommerce Store

BuddyBoss integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, the #1 E-commerce WordPress plugin on the Market.

And more…


Make it fun and engaging

Empower your people to work towards common goals and earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates and achievements. Give your people a sense of autonomy, mastery, purpose and progress.

GamiPress Integration

BuddyBoss has out-of-the-box styling for the popular gamification plugin, GamiPress.


Encourage your members to keep returning to your site by providing rewards such as unlocking additional content or additional discounts as they interact on your site.


Achievements provide a fun and interactive environment that rewards members for completing certain tasks and steps.


Award and deduct points to users as they achieve specific steps such as when consuming content or engaging with the community.


Members can earn or unlock ranks for completing specific steps and display badges and rank details on their user’s profile.

And more…


Everything you need to customize for your brand

BuddyBoss is a white-label open source solution designed to adopt your brand. It is designed with flexibility to allow you the freedom to fully customize it for your project’s requirements.

  • Demo Import
  • Theme Layouts
  • Multilingual
  • Page Builders
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Header & Footers
  • RTL Support
  • Custom Icons

And more…


Your courses and community on the go

Mobile has already taken the lead over desktop when it comes to usage. In this era of mobile communications, having a mobile strategy is critical to success. Enable access to your courses and community from anywhere, increase engagement and build a loyal fan base.

White-Label Mobile App

Launch your own, white-label mobile app, thanks to our BuddyBoss App integration.

Native iOS and Android App

We create a launch a native iOS and Android App that we submit into your Google Play Store account and your Apple App Store account.

Published on your accounts

We submit your iOS app and your Android app for publishing onto the Apple App Store and Google Play Store using your account, with the final mobile app build and assets.

Real-time syncing with website

Our apps are fully native and use WordPress as their backend. The data is synchronized in real-time between your mobile app and your WordPress site.

Your users can engage in your online community, eLearning site or membership site via your website and continue on mobile, without any friction.

Push Notifications

Your members receive push notifications for various events, such as when someone mentions them in the activity feed, another member sends them a friendship request and more.

You can also notify your members when you launch new courses or membership plans, and allow them to upgrade or buy with ease, right from your mobile app.

In-App Purchases

Sell access to your membership site or course using in-app purchases through Apple Pay for iOS and Google Pay for Android. Make it super easy for your members to subscribe, upgrade and buy more from you. Subscriptions, upgrades and one-time payments are both supported.

And more…

Community Dashboard

Create a custom dashboard to give members a quick view of recent community activities, interactions and more.


24/7 BuddyBoss Tech Support.

Need help? We’ve got your back.

Our tech experts help you, all day every day.

Your experience with BuddyBoss doesn’t stop at the checkout. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to take full advantage of our products.

Send us a message 24/7 and we’ll help you find the best solution to achieve your goals and bring your vision to life.

We’re committed to helping every customer experience the transformational power of BuddyBoss technology.


Endless possibilities

Connect to over 1000+ apps and software.

MOBILE APPAdd-on Service

Publish mobile apps for your course
or community.

BuddyBoss App is packed with everything you need to create mobile learning and
social networking apps.


Premium iOS and Android apps done for you for less than the cost of a website.

  • Native AppBuilt with React Native, the same technology used by apps like Facebook, Instagram and many more.
  • White-LabelCompletely customize the experience with your own brand identity. No BuddyBoss branding or links visible anywhere your users can see.
  • Real-Time SyncingAll data and activity is synchronized with your WordPress website in real time.
  • In-App PurchasesSeamlessly collect payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay integrations.
  • Push NotificationsSend personalized and targeted notifications to students' devices.
  • IntegrationsCustomize with 1000’s of Integrations for complete freedom and flexibility over your app.

“Being able to offer students a mobile app, it’s not a perk really. It’s pretty vital these days for lots of reasons.”

Anna Sharp

Founder of HeyCollege 

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from our customers, who have straight away started using the app.”

Cat Topham

Head of Tech and Marketing at Clan Dog

“I think I’m the first person to sign up for the mobile app feature. We now have a native app in both App Store and Play Store. We never could have dreamed that.”

Jack Tisdall

Chief Student Success Officer at

Medical School Companion


What our customers are saying


Get access to BuddyBoss Web.

Build your website on the best all-in-one platform for courses and communities.

1 Site

Billed Annually

Launch your online platform, your way, with ease
  • BuddyBoss Theme
  • BuddyBoss Platform Pro The BuddyBoss Platform Pro plugin includes the premium features of the free BuddyBoss Platform.
  • License for 1 site
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • 1 Year Updates
5 Sites

Billed Annually

The complete solution for your business growth
  • BuddyBoss Theme
  • BuddyBoss Platform Pro The BuddyBoss Platform Pro plugin includes the premium features of the free BuddyBoss Platform.
  • License for 5 sites
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • 1 Year Updates
10 Sites

Billed Annually

Perfect for growing your agency business
  • BuddyBoss Theme
  • BuddyBoss Platform Pro The BuddyBoss Platform Pro plugin includes the premium features of the free BuddyBoss Platform.
  • License for 10 sites
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • 1 Year Updates


100% Risk-Free BuddyBoss Promise

If you are unsatisfied for any reason for up to 14 days following your purchase, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.


24/7 BuddyBoss Tech Support

Our knowledgeable support team has you covered 24/7 every day.

We take support seriously and employ a dedicated support team and ticketing system. You can easily create a new ticket from our Help Desk, read our guides, watch narrated videos and discover answers to common questions in our step by step.


Guides to get

Guides available to help you get
started quickly with setting up your
online courses, community or
membership site.

Narrated Video

We have created dozens of short and
to the point video tutorials to guide
you through every step. We’re
constantly adding new videos to our

Step by Step

You can follow step by step
documentation available both online
and in your WordPress dashboard.
And if you’re a developer, our
developer documentation will come
very handy!


Why customers love BuddyBoss.

Anna Sharp

Founder & CEO

Cat Topham

Co-founder,  Tech Manager

Stefan James


Trusted by over 50,000 customers worldwide.



Does BuddyBoss require WordPress to work?

Yes. The BuddyBoss solution comes with a plugin (The BuddyBoss Platform) and a theme (The BuddyBoss Theme), that you install on your WordPress site. You will need a WordPress installation, so you can install them.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time from your account page. You will retain access to support and updates until your current license key expires, at the end of your current billing period.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan after I make my purchase?

Yes. Definitely. Just reach out and our support team will assist you with that.

Does BuddyBoss support BuddyPress plugins?

Most BuddyPress plugins will work with BuddyBoss Platform, since it’s based on BuddyPress. We just haven’t tested them all 🙂. Many BuddyPress plugins are no longer necessary since the BuddyBoss Platform and Theme come packed with features.If you want to make sure your plugin works, you can download the free BuddyBoss Platform plugin and try it out.

Do I need to renew my license?

To continue receiving automatic updates and support, you need an active license. Your license is valid for the billing period you have chosen and will renew automatically after the end of every billing period, depending on the plan you select; yearly or every 3 years.

What is included in your priority support?

With your active license, you have access to responsive and helpful ticket based support. Our support team is available to you 24/7.

Does it work with any plugin?

BuddyBoss works with any properly built WordPress plugin.

What if I don’t want to subscribe?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from inside your account area and you will continue to have access to all of your products and services until the end of your current billing period. You can manually renew your license at any moment if you wish to reactivate your subscription. This can be done from your account area. Once your license has expired, you will no longer have access to support or receive automatic updates, including security updates.

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