When you’re running an online course, it’s important to know your student’s feedback from time to time. This will help you evaluate your student’s understanding of the training.

Here are 150 questions that you can ask to test your students and get feedback about your course.

What are Training Survey Questions?

Training survey questions are designed to collect feedback on the training experience from the students. The questions should be designed to elicit honest feedback that can be used to improve the training experience for future participants.

Why you Need to Run a Training Survey

There are many reasons why you might need to run a training survey in an online course. Here are just a few:

1. To gauge the level of interest and engagement in the course.

2. To get feedback on the content and delivery of the course.

3. To identify any areas where participants feel they need more support.

4. To find out what participants think of the overall learning experience.

5. To get ideas for improvements and enhancements for future courses.

Now let’s get to know about what types of questions there are:

When to Ask Training Survey Questions

1. Before the Course

2. During the Course

3. After the course

Questions to Ask Before the Course

  • What are the main things you want to learn from taking this course?
  • How confident are you that the course will help you achieve these things?
  • What are your motivations for taking the course?
  • What do you hope to achieve or be able to do at the end of the course?
  • Are there any particular topics you’re hoping the course will cover?
  • What types of learning do you find most effective?
  • What areas do you find most challenging when learning about this topic?
  • What are the main things preventing you from achieving your learning goals?
  • Have you taken any other courses or received any other training in this area before?
  • How do you hope this course will compare to your previous experiences?
  • Was it easy to sign up for the course?
  • How would you rate the preparation process leading up to the course?
  • Is there anything you feel was missing from the preparation process?
  • How could the preparation process be improved?
  • Was the course description easy to understand?
  • Were the learning goals for the course made clear before you started it?
  •  Was it clear what the course would include?
  • How would you rate customer service communication before the course?
  • How would you rate the onboarding process for the course?

Questions to Ask During the Course

  • How do you feel about the course structure?
  • Did the flow of the course work well for you?
  • Was the course structure manageable?
  • Did you find the course easy to complete?
  • Was it clear when one unit ended and a new one started?
  • Were the course milestones clear?
  • Did you feel like you were making adequate progress through the course?
  • Did you feel equally engaged in every section of the course?
  • Which sections of the course worked best for you?
  • How do you feel about the number of assessments?

Questions to Ask After the Course

Course Structure

  • Did you feel that the structure of the training process was clear to you?
  • Do you think that the number of people in your training group was effective?
  • What do you think of the sequence of the training activities? Was it logical?
  • Was the structure of the content clear?
  • Do you think that the sequence of activities was efficient?
  • What aspects of the training’s structure were challenging or confusing to you?
  • What aspects of the training’s structure do you think could be improved?
  • Was the course equally engaging in each training session?
  • Was the course engaging throughout the entire training?
  • Did you find a clear separation between each of the course’s units?

Course Content

  • Do you think the quality of the course was consistent?
  • Can you describe the quality of the content?
  • How did you find the content used in the training?
  • Were there enough visual aids, like videos and audio files, throughout the course?
  • Did you find the language of the course easy to understand?
  • Do you think there was enough variety in terms of the topics covered?
  • Which part of the course material didn’t engage you as much?
  • How engaging was the course material overall?
  • Did you find the course content hard to understand or challenging in any way?
  • Did the course material cover the topics you were interested in?
  • Which topics do you wish had been covered in more depth?
  • Did you have to reread a section to understand it better?
  • Did you notice any repetition in the course content?
  • Which part of the course material was most engaging for you?
  • How would you rate the overall engagement of the course content?

Course Presentation

  • Did you find the instructor’s presentation of the material effective?
  • Which aspects of the course did you think were presented the best?
  • Did you feel like the course was automated?
  • Which speaker did you pay attention to the most?
  • Did the training process have enough audio and video elements?
  • Which speaker do you feel like you learned the most from?
  • Was the course activities interactive?
  • Was the overall tone of the training session friendly?
  • Did you feel like the course is too distant for you?
  • What are the areas where the course’s presentation could be better?
  • Could the overall course be more interactive?

Course Duration

  • Was the training duration longer or shorter than needed?
  • Could the time duration of the course be used more effectively?
  • How long did it take you to finish the training?
  • Did you pause the course at any point? If yes, when?
  • Were the time to complete the test(s) enough?
  • Any other thoughts regarding the course duration that you want us to know?

Course Trainers

  • Which of the trainer was the most helpful?
  • Was the communication from the trainers clear?
  • Did you find the trainer to be empathetic?
  • Did the trainer have enough knowledge of the content that he taught?
  • Was the trainer enthusiastic during the session?
  • Was there a comfortable environment to express problems to the trainer?
  • Was the trainer organized during each session?
  • Was there any specific type of content that you found to be the most useful?
  • Did you get responses to your questions from your trainer in a timely manner?
  • Was there any particular session where you needed more intensive support?

UX of the Platform

  • Did you find the training sessions easy to move through?
  • Was the interface of the learning platform easy to understand and use?
  • Did you find the learning platform quick and easy to get familiar with?
  • What did you think of the interface?
  • Did you find it easy to use?
  • What did you like most about the design?
  • Did you receive clear instructions on how to navigate and use the platform?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving the overall design and experience?
  • Did the interface feel visually appealing?
  • Did the interface feel cluttered?

Platform Issues

  • Did you notice any bugs while you were using the software?
  • Did you experience any delays in the delivery of the training content?
  • Were there any dead links?
  • Did all the pages or documents load properly?
  • Was there any problem loading the video?
  • Was the font properly displayed?

Course Environment

  • Where did you attend the classes from?
  • How did you find the environment where you attended the classes?
  • Were there any distractions where you were taking the course?
  • Was it a quiet place where you completed your training activities?
  • Would you prefer to take the same course on a computer or mobile device?
  • Did you use a computer or a mobile device to complete the course?
  • Could you take this course while commuting? 
  • Which aspects of your environment do you think you could have improved?

Learning Outcomes

  • Did you feel like you achieved your learning goals overall?
  • What did you think of the course? Did you learn anything new?
  • Would you be interested in taking a course like this again?
  • Would you recommend taking this course to a colleague?
  • Did you feel like your training expectations were met?
  • Are you feeling ready to start your new role?
  • Was the objective of this course clear from the beginning?
  • What did you like best about the training?
  • What suggestions do you have to make this course more effective?

Training Experience

  • Are you finding that you understand the course’s topic better now?
  • Any new skills that you have learned from this course?
  • What part of the course was your favorite?
  • What is your preferred method of training? Online modules or in-person activities?
  • Which trainer do you think helped you most to hit your learning goals?
  • How could we make your learning experience better?
  • Did the course workload interfere with your ability to complete your work activities?

Course Accessibility

  • Did you find the training materials easy to understand and access?
  • How did you find the training materials? 
  • Did you have any trouble hearing your trainer during training?
  • Did the trainer respond to your questions promptly?
  • Was the font size and style easy to read?
  • Was the course’s colorblind mode working?
  • What accessibility features would you like to see more of?

Course Gamification

  • Did you find the gamification features to be distracting?
  • Were there too many gamification elements?
  • Would you be interested in seeing more gamification features in the course?
  • Did you find the gamification features to be too competitive?
  • Was the gamification features helpful for doing better in assessments?
  • What are your thoughts on anonymous leaderboards?

Final Rating

  • What’s your rating on the trainer’s expertise?
  • What’s your rating for the trainer’s communication skills?
  • What’s your rating on the course modules?
  • What’s your rating for the trainer’s presentation skill?
  • What’s your rating for the course duration?
  • What’s your rating on the training activity’s effectiveness?
  • What’s your rating on the course delivery?
  • What’s your rating on the course content?
  • What’s your rating on training content readability?
  • What’s your rating on the course’s flow?
  • What’s your rating on the course platform?
  • What’s your rating on the gamification feature?
  • What’s your rating on the tests?
  • What’s your rating on the helpfulness of the resources and materials provided?
  • What’s your rating on the quality of audio and video?
  • What’s your overall rating on the course?

Wrapping Up

After reading this blog, it is clear that there are a number of survey questions about training to evaluate students in an online course. By asking the right questions for training surveys, instructors can get a better sense of how well students are doing and what areas need improvement. It also helps to get a better idea about the course from the student’s perspective. 

Start asking the right survey questions on training to evaluate your students from today!

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