BuddyBoss Monthly Update – September 2023

In the fast-paced world of online communities and e-learning platforms, staying up-to-date is crucial. BuddyBoss has always been committed to providing its users with a seamless and reliable experience but also provides regular updates in terms of implementing new features and newer technology.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the updates from BuddyBoss for the month of September 2023, highlighting the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes across the BuddyBoss Platform, BuddyBoss App, and BuddyBoss Theme.

BuddyBoss Platform

BuddyBoss Platform

The Enhancements in the BuddyBoss Platform

The BuddyBoss Platform, the heart of the BuddyBoss ecosystem, received a series of enhancements in recent releases. These enhancements aim to improve the overall user experience and platform performance. Let’s explore them in detail:

Background Process Optimization: One of the noteworthy enhancements in the BuddyBoss Platform is the optimization of background processes. Previously, suspending and un-suspending users could create an infinite loop, causing performance issues. With the recent update, this is optimized.

Forum Reconnection: Another valuable addition is the automatic reconnection of existing forums within groups. Now, when you re-enable a forum within a group, it seamlessly reconnects to the existing forum. 

The Bug Fixes in the BuddyBoss Platform

In addition to enhancements, BuddyBoss Platform addressed several bug fixes to enhance stability and usability. Let’s take a closer look:

Safari Browser Compatibility: Users of Safari browsers can now rejoice as hyperlinks within Activity feed posts are functioning smoothly. 

Hidden/Private Forum Visibility: An issue related to hidden/private forums has been resolved. Previously, topics within these forums remained visible on users’ profiles. With the bug fix, privacy, and forum visibility have been restored to their intended states.

Group Message Cleanup: When the Group Message feature is disabled, users no longer need to worry about existing messages cluttering their inboxes. BuddyBoss Platform now removes these messages, ensuring a tidy and organized messaging experience.

Group Message Media Viewing: Users can now seamlessly view attached media in group messages sent by group members. 

Messages Thread Order: In previous versions, messages thread order could become disorganized when paginating through conversations. The recent bug fix ensures that message threads stay in the correct order.

BuddyBoss Theme

The Bug Fixes in the BuddyBoss Theme

While no specific features or enhancements were introduced in BuddyBoss Theme in this update, several critical bug fixes have been implemented:

Clickable “View Profile” Button: The “View Profile” button is now fully clickable, providing a seamless experience when navigating user profiles.

LearnDash Lesson Duplications: An issue with duplications of the Lesson & Materials tab in LearnDash Lesson has been resolved.

LearnDash Quiz Summary: The highlighted numbered questions in LearnDash Quiz Summary now maintain the correct ratio, enhancing the assessment experience.

Email Notifications for Organizers: Organizers will now receive Email Notifications for forum discussions, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

BuddyBoss App

BuddyBoss App

The Enhancements in the BuddyBoss App

The BuddyBoss App plays a pivotal role in delivering a mobile-friendly experience to your community members. In the latest update, several enhancements have been introduced to improve app functionality:

Coding Standards Update: BuddyBoss App has undergone a coding standards update. The app now uses the web shell library, replacing react-native-webview. This change removes the “Read More” option for post content, providing a cleaner and more consistent user experience.

The Bug Fixes in the BuddyBoss App

Bug fixes are essential to ensure that the app runs smoothly without any disruptions. Let’s explore the bug fixes in the BuddyBoss App:

Push Notification Permissions: Android 13 users faced issues with granting push notification permissions. This bug has been resolved, ensuring that Android 13 users can receive notifications seamlessly.

Vimeo Video Playback: In previous versions, Vimeo videos sometimes appeared as blank in the app. The recent update ensures that Vimeo videos are displayed correctly, enhancing the multimedia experience for your app users.

Deeplink Improvements: The app now loads Buddypress Profile & Group Creator pro tabs as deep links on the first login. 

Events Calendar Deeplink: If you’re using the Events calendar plugin, the fetched Featured image of the course on the Activity feed now functions as a deep link. 

Video Playback with WP Offload: Users can now enjoy video playback without issues when WP Offload is installed. 

Video Progression Pop-up: Previously, users encountered a pop-up saying “App can’t handle URL” when turning on video progression in a lesson after adding ‘classic’ content blocks. This issue has been resolved.

Responsive Subscribe/Unsubscribe Button: The Subscribe/Unsubscribe button is now responsive.

Profile Types Sequence: Profile Types now respect the sequence if an order number is set. 

Wrapping Up

In this blog post, we’ve shared the recent enhancements and bug fixes introduced by BuddyBoss. These updates reflect BuddyBoss’s commitment to providing a seamless and reliable platform for online communities, social networks, and eLearning environments. By continuously improving and addressing issues, BuddyBoss ensures that users can focus on building vibrant communities and delivering exceptional e-learning experiences. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from BuddyBoss in the future, and don’t hesitate to reach out to their support team if you have any questions or feedback. Your success is their priority.

Thank you for being a part of the BuddyBoss community, and here’s to a more enhanced and bug-free experience!

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