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Online communities are busy hubs of interactions, learning, and growth. And on such platforms, constantly evolving is key to continuing the engagement. At BuddyBoss, we understand the dynamic nature of these communities and membership sites.

Our commitment at BuddyBoss is not just about resolving technical glitches but also about bringing advancements and integrating functionalities that resonate with our users’ evolving needs. Every new feature, every enhancement, and every bug fix is a step towards refining your experience, fueled by the insights we gather from your invaluable feedback. 

This month, we’re back with an array of updates, each designed to enrich your journey on the BuddyBoss Web and App. And make sure you read to the very end, as we’ve got an update on Rapyd Beta access. Let’s begin!

What’s New in BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss App

1. Mark All Notifications as Read

Mark All As Read

Managing a flood of notifications can be daunting. To streamline this process, we’ve introduced our “Mark All Notifications as Read” feature into the app, allowing users to clear their notification screen in one go. 

This update is all about convenience, enabling you to refresh your notification space quickly and focus on what matters most. In addition to this, we’ve made it easier for your users to update their Notification Settings from the same screen.

2. Notification Gestures

Notification Gesture

Notification Screen interactions just got an upgrade with new swipe gestures. This enhancement introduces swipe functionality, making it easier than ever to manage your notifications on the fly. With a simple swipe, you can mark each notification as read, enhancing your user experience and efficiency.

Check out the tutorial

3. App Labs – Custom Developers can begin testing new React Native Libraries 

For our BuddyBoss App developers, we present the beta-release branch, offering early access to our upcoming React Native library updates. This feature, available under BuddyBoss Labs, allows developers to test their custom codes with our new libraries before they’re integrated into the core build. 

It’s an opportunity to anticipate and resolve potential compatibility issues, ensuring a smooth transition when these core library updates are officially rolled out into the main release.

Better Than Ever – The Enhancements

BuddyBoss Enchancements

BuddyBoss Platform

Added TikTok to Social Network Links

Users can now link their TikTok profiles to their BuddyBoss profiles, fostering a more connected community experience. 

Search Media by Description

We understand the importance of effective content discovery. That’s why we’ve updated our media search to use descriptions associated with the media during upload. This enhancement simplifies the process of locating specific media files.

Elementor Template Requirement Notices

Some of our Elementor templates have plugin requirements in order for them to be installed correctly. We now show a notice to customers when a template can’t be installed properly due to missing requirements (i.e., LearnDash is not enabled).

Bugs, No More

BuddyBoss Bugs

BuddyBoss Platform

YouTube Links Fixed

We’ve resolved the issue that caused YouTube links to not display in forum topics and replies. 

Direct Media Access Notice

Direct access to media gets blocked when using offload plugins; we’ve now updated the notice to make sure this messaging is clear whenever offload is recognized.

Multiple Member Tagging Issue Resolved

We’ve fixed the bug that prevented tagging more than one member in activity post comments.

No More Unwanted Notifications

We’ve updated the notification system to stop sending notifications from discussions in hidden groups once a user leaves the group. 

In addition, we’ve rolled out a couple of hotfixes that addressed issues when commenting in the Activity Feed and optimized the batch process for generating unique member identifiers, preventing resource slowdowns, and ensuring a more stable performance.

BuddyBoss App

Unsupported Block Notice Removed

We’ve removed the unsupported block notice from the App pages.

iFrame Handling Fixed

Content display is crucial, and with the fix to the iframe handling issue, users can now view embedded content without disruptions, enhancing the overall content consumption experience.

Updated Product Screen for Logged-Out Users

We’ve updated the Product Screen to prompt logged-out users to log in before making purchases, ensuring secure transactions and an authentic shopping experience.

Rapyd Beta Access

For the last 18 months, we’ve been working on a Cloud Hosting solution perfect for BuddyBoss Communities, Memberships and eLearning sites. We had planned to launch the beta this week, but over the weekend we were given early access to the latest CPUs, which should result in a 30% performance increase, at no extra cost to you.

Due to this, we’ve made the decision to hold off the beta launch and to install and test these new CPUs to give you the best performance from day one. We’re testing at the moment, but this means the beta launch should be available next week.

If you want to get immediate updates to gain early access, make sure you sign up for our waiting list.

Don’t forget, this is just the highlights; check out the additional 60+ fixes in our Full Release Notes

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