Nate Walker from

How is countering religious hostility and creating Evergreen Communities.

In Today’s episode I’m joined by First Amendment and Human Rights educator Rev. Dr. Nate Walker from – the social learning community and mobile app providing civic education for the common good.

Nate tells us how he has rallied a network of philanthropists to invest in the technology that facilitates the teaching of religious literacy in response to the increase in interfaith hostility in society. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How Nate has overcome 3 learning difficulties to focus the last 8 years of his life exploring the ways that elearning tools can address inequities in the usual classroom environment. 
  • How the pandemic helped make fundraising one of the easiest parts of his journey, and how it allowed him to tap into everything that gives him a sense of purpose.
  • How a WordPress multi-site and the BuddyBoss Agency helped to solve the challenges of putting the puzzle pieces together to onboard 150 content creators across 49 different organisations.
  • How they are leveraging the power of the BuddyBoss App to offer an “Evergreen Community” for each of their partners’ to host their own in-person events and conferences. And afterwards, connect them to each other in ways never before possible. 


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