Ashley Alderson from The Boutique Hub

Create Community Over Competition: How The Boutique Hub Helps Independent Retailers Survive in a Post-pandemic World | Customer Stories

In today’s episode I’m joined by Ashley Alderson from The Boutique Hub; The Boutique Hub helps independent retailers find the education, trusted community and wholesale partners they need to grow!

Ashley tells us about

  • How the three types of retail content; “Branded Content”, “Sales Content”, and “Engaging Content”, need to play together to fuel a winning retail marketing strategy.
  • How she is starting to see a cleanse of new retailers that rode the wave of the pandemic when it seemed easy but can’t sustain their business as spending habits return to normal.
  • How brand communities, affiliating for other retailers and exploring beyond wholesale channels can help businesses build their own customer asset, their brand recognition and their real-world relationships.



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