Wes Tatters from Rapyd

Wes Tatters on Rapyd: The Journey Towards an Optimized BuddyBoss Hosting | Inside BuddyBoss

In today’s episode, we have a captivating chat between our Managing Director Graham Hoffman and the new Managing Director of Rapyd, Wes Tatters. They dive into what went behind launching Rapyd, a tailored hosting service for dynamic WordPress sites, especially those powered by BuddyBoss.

Graham and Wes talks about:

  • The issues hosting services face with Dynamic WordPress sites and how Rapyd comes to the rescue.
  • The extra steps needed to manage dynamic community sites and why BuddyBoss users will find Rapyd hosting a comfy fit.
  • How Rapyd handles high concurrency of BuddyBoss-powered community sites.
  • Simple and intuitive user experience of Rapyd, despite offering state-of-the-art features.
  • Rapyd’s unmatched scalability and the plan to switch to even better CPU technology next year.
  • Rapyd’s partnerships with Object Cache Pro & Relay to speed up content loading, and with PatchStack and Monarx to keep your site safe from malware and other threats.
  • The 24/7 live chat support from Rapyd and a special beta launch offer for selected BuddyBoss customers.



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