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Enhancing connections between professional networks

GCA membership is designed to promote purposeful networking, extend career opportunities and amplify brand enhancement for Board Directorships, Advisory Board Appointments, Employment, Media Appearances, Investment Opportunites, In-Person Networking Events, Public Relations, Mentorship, Subject Matter Experts, Discussion Boards, and more. All GCA members carry a certain reputation with them and are some of the most sought-after individuals in the world. They have unique accomplishments making the total GCA network an important force for global positive change.

Their market wanted change

GCA initially started with a different firm, but because of the new demands from the marketplace, they had to move on.

And originally when we first went live, that first platform was built with a firm and that was a good experience but we decided to part ways and as we were getting feedback from the marketplace, we were in need for a new firm and that was when I originally, I met Michael or BuddyBoss and we had an original kick-off or I should say an exploratory conversation and we became quick friends and we begun development and we’ve been using them for about a year and a half now.

Spencer Lussier, GameChangeAgency

Built from the ground and up

In order to meet their market’s demands, we provided GCA a custom-built platform for their network of professionals. We built their platform’s design, frontend, and backend from scratch.

I’m a very involved founder, so I work heavily and influence heavily the software, write all the logic, the architecture and I’ve worked with several other project managers and I’ve really enjoy the one-on-one experiences that I get to have with the solution engineers who are the coders. I have found that to be a very valuable path for engagement to have a PM as well as this head solution engineer engage in especially if you’re a hands-on founder who has a technology background.

Spencer Lussier, GameChangeAgency

In order to make everything work, we provided Spencer with a Project Manager and a team of talented designers and developers that closely work with him to deliver accurate and efficient results.

Flash forward, we’re now doing more updates to the current platform and those updates are going live in about 30 days. It’s just a lot of hype, a lot of anticipation for these updates, so we’re really excited about that. We have weekly check-in points and that’s very helpful. That’s been a very fluid experience.

Spencer Lussier, GameChangeAgency

Spencer Lussier, GameChangeAgency

To be a part of a network full of professional individuals, be sure to check out their website at gamechangeagency.com.

Author Tom Cheddadi CEO & Co-founder at BuddyBoss & AppBoss
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