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Sep 18 2019 - 3 MINS READ

Helping freelancers dominate the market

uGurus is a digital agency coaching and business training company for freelancers. They provide action-oriented training tools, templates, and mentors for their members.

We’ve packed 34 years of knowledge and experience into programs that help you grow a 6-figure business.

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Upgrading the platform became a pain

With their growing members, uGurus wanted to upgrade their platform in order to serve their member better and provide a smoother user experience. However, the project to upgrade became a pain for them.

You know, we had our community, connection stuff like on our social media platforms and we had an online portal to access for courses and all that kinda stuff. But it was all custom built, it was a pain to upgrade and honestly, we had spent a fortune on it and we still weren't really getting what we wanted out of it.

Brent Weaver, uGurus

BuddyBoss becomes a pain reliever

At BuddyBoss, we delight our clients by taking their business pains away as much as we can. They have a problem, we're packed with solutions.

So BuddyBoss came in with some of their pre-done templates and themes and plugins and really accelerated that process. We were able to get a lot more for our investment in our platform.

Brent Weaver, uGurus

For uGurus, we upgraded their platform and ensured that they achieve their goals for their business. We're providing ongoing updates and bug fixes. We have also provided custom functionality for them that helps their platform perform in a unique way.

So being able to work with their team, they make it super, super easy for you in terms of their project management portal and directly working with their team. So, really responsive, have been super accurate in terms of estimates and quotes, and honestly, their team has gone above and beyound in everything that we've asked them to do.

Brent Weaver, uGurus

A central-hub to connect the uGurus community

uGurus loved the work we did for them. Their online community can now access a central-hub that we built so that they can easily connect with each other. Listen what Brent Weaver has to say about our work for uGurus:

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