Online Family Community with Forever Families

Strengthening marriage and family relationships

Forever Families is a non-profit organization that is formed by Jeff McElroy and his wife Debbie. They travel around the world leading marriage, family, and parenting conferences.

…with the explicit desire to strengthen marriages and families across the globe.

Jeff McElroy, Forever Families

Spreading their wisdom to couples and families

One of the things that we thought would be really cool as a part of our mission, was to create an online site where we could help couples that were engaged or seriously dating or newly married, to be able to not only get great content about what they would need for a successful lifelong marriage, but to also connect with other couples.

Jeff McElroy, Forever Families

Founders Jeff and Debbie McElroy had great content to share, but they need a beautiful platform to showcase their cause. Initially, they were looking at the Social Learner theme by BuddyBoss, but Michael Eisenwasser, BuddyBoss' CTO, told them about our new platform.

As they began to share, what their ideas were with that, we were all in. And man, I can tell ya, we have not looked back.

Jeff McElroy, Forever Families

Doing what we do best

In BuddyBoss, we work tirelessly to perfect a product. We follow methods that are up to date to deliver what's best and what the clients need.

We built Forever Families on the new BuddyBoss Platform and is using Social Learner and LearnDash with WooCommerce custom components.

So, we can tell ya, we are thoroughly impressed, with the process we went through. They used the Agile Methodology of project management, and communication was clear, it was concise, what we were billed for was not only delivered, it was delivered beyond our expectations.

Jeff McElroy, Forever Families

Author Tom Cheddadi CEO & Co-founder at BuddyBoss & AppBoss
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