Do you have an online community, membership site, or online courses website on WordPress? Do you want to increase member engagement, provide an awesome user experience, expand your reach to the mobile users, make your brand easier to remember all while adding another revenue stream? Then you should take a look at the new BuddyBoss App!

Today, more users are turning to mobile apps to interact with brands, stay connected with friends, and learn on the go.

Mobile has already taken the lead over desktop when it comes to usage with recent studies showing that 51% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

So in this era of mobile communications, having a mobile strategy for your business is critical for your success.

What is the BuddyBoss App?

The BuddyBoss App is the first native mobile solution that allows entrepreneurs, organizations, and virtually anyone to launch their own branded native mobile app for iOS and Android. The WordPress mobile app includes built-in support for all the major features of the BuddyBoss Platform (the company’s flagship product that adds powerful social features to any website built using WordPress) and LearnDash courses, integrates with membership plugins (like Paid Memberships Pro, WooCommerce Memberships, WishList Member, Restrict Content Pro), and so much more!

The BuddyBoss App comes packed with a ton of useful features you can easily customize and configure to suit your brand. This makes it an ideal solution so you can easily create your own membership native mobile app, community mobile app, or learning mobile app.

Add your own features to your branded native mobile app

What’s great about the BuddyBoss App is that you are able to add custom features to your own mobile app. So if you’re a developer or work with a team of developers, you can add your own features to your mobile app and extend the core functionality of the BuddyBoss App.

The way it works is that you will have your own Git repository where you can make any changes to the appearance and features of your mobile app. And during the build process, your Git repository will be combined with the app’s core Git repository. So any changes you made will be included in the next iOS and Android builds of your mobile app.

How does the app work?

If you have a WordPress website, the BuddyBoss App plugin pulls the data from your WordPress backend so you can configure your mobile app easily from there. This includes your app’s features, configuration, appearance, and more. The app syncs the data from your website to your app in real-time and vice versa.

BuddyBoss App for LearnDash

The BuddyBoss App fully integrates with LearnDash allowing you to easily create and manage your courses from your WordPress dashboard, configure offline support for your learning materials, customize the course pages, and so much more.

Why Create An Online Courses Mobile App?

Mobile Learning is growing faster than ever before and students are increasingly choosing their mobile phones for taking courses over using a computer. So having your own learning mobile app allows your students to access your course materials from wherever they are. 

BuddyBoss for LearnDash easily lets your students access their lessons and quizzes even without an internet connection, or go through a module during a commute. When you provide your students with convenient access to your courses, there’s a better chance that they become more motivated to finish the course at their own pace, ultimately increasing student satisfaction.

Recent studies have shown that mobile apps can greatly improve course completion rates, help students learn faster, boost student engagement, and improve learner retention.

Why Choose the BuddyBoss App?

Whether or not you’re building a mobile app for your business for the first time, the BuddyBoss App caters to both non-technical and experienced users. Here are the top 5 reasons why the BuddyBoss App can add more value to your online business strategy.

1. Gamification

The BuddyBoss App integrates powerful gamification elements that motivate users to keep using your mobile app. You can award points and rewards when they achieve specific steps (like completing their profiles, participating in forum discussions). You can also encourage them to interact with parts of your mobile app, or complete certain actions and award them badges which they can display on their profiles.

2. LearnDash

Whether you’re building a mobile app strictly for mobile learning, or running some courses alongside your membership or community website, the BuddyBoss App seamlessly integrates with LearnDash, one of the most popular LMS for WordPress. The BuddyBoss App also supports all the major features of the LearnDash, so your students can take their courses and quizzes anywhere, on-the-go.

3. The app works with any WordPress theme

Another cool feature is that the BuddyBoss App is compatible with any WordPress theme. As long as you have the BuddyBoss Platform, LearnDash, or both plugins installed, the BuddyBoss App will work perfectly no matter what WordPress theme your site is running.

4. One codebase for 2 platforms

The BuddyBoss App is built on React Native, one of the most popular cross-platform development frameworks that allow the creation of native mobile apps for both Android and iOS with just one codebase.

This is the same technology used by apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, SoundCloud, and other popular apps we use every day. With just one codebase, you can easily launch your own branded native mobile app for both iOS and Android.

5. Non-technical? No problem. Have your app Done For You

We offer a Done For You service where our team of experienced developers, designers, and app publishers handles the full mobile app building process for you. This includes creating, customizing, branding, and preparing your mobile app for publishing to the Apple Store and the Google Play Store

We review your app from start to finish, making sure that it complies with the Apple App Store guidelines and the Google Play Store guidelines. Some steps require a manual review and manual intervention after your mobile app is built and submitted under your own Apple and Google Developer accounts.

Fun fact: Our team has a stellar record of getting 100% apps approved.

So unless your content or business model violates Apple or Google’s guidelines, it’s unlikely that your app will not be approved.

We have a solid track record of building social networking products that deliver

We love helping businesses create and launch their own successful online communities, membership websites, and online learning platforms. Our products are used by top industry professionals and highly successful digital entrepreneurs like Adam Preiser from WPCrafter, Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine, popular content creator Jay Shetty for his certification school, and more than 50,000 organizations around the globe.

Some of the Key Features of the BuddyBoss App

Much like your website, you can easily replicate all the powerful social functionality and bring it into the hands of your members and students with The BuddyBoss App.

Push Notifications

You can configure and customize your app’s push notifications to keep your members and students up to date with reminders, alerts, and more.

Activity Feeds

Your members can easily view updates to their interactions, tag their friends on posts, and keep track of conversations right from the mobile app.

Member Profiles

What’s a community or learning platform without member profiles? This feature allows your app to display profile fields as configured from your WordPress dashboard. Members and students can upload their avatars, add information, view their profile, and other members’ profiles.

Social Groups

One way to boost engagement is to encourage users to join social groups. Students can post updates in the group activity, share photos, videos, and other media with other members in the group, and more. Bring knowledge sharing in real-time and create a unique and collaborative learning environment.

Forum Discussions

Members can connect, share ideas, and learn from each other through the app’s built-in forum discussions feature.

Private Messaging and Group Messaging

You can also allow private messaging between your members or students, or allow them to create group messaging threads.

Media, Documents, and Albums

Members can share videos, images, photos, documents, and other media on their own activity feeds or in social groups. 


The app comes with built-in Face ID and fingerprint unlock to protect your privacy.

Translation Ready

By default, the content of the BuddyBoss App is in English. Just like your website, the app uses language files that can be uploaded to translate your mobile app into a different language so you can also easily change specific text across the whole mobile app via the WordPress admin. You can customize push notifications, app content, and many more options for maximum flexibility and control. The app also supports Right to Left Languages (RTL) which means you can display your content in a beautiful RTL Layout. 


For a limited time, the BuddyBoss App is available for a special introductory price. If you buy now, you will get early access to the BuddyBoss App and permanently lock-in the discounted price for the lifetime of your app subscription.

You can view the complete pricing here.

Wrapping Up

The BuddyBoss App is the result of multiple years of development, community feedback gathering, and iterations. It is an amazing solution that allows virtually anyone to easily create their own branded native mobile app.

Much like the BuddyBoss Platform and the BuddyBoss Theme, you get the same total control and flexibility over the structure, appearance, and functionality of your native mobile app. You can fully customize the look and feel of your mobile app, decide which features you want to add, and so much more!

BuddyBoss has been a leading provider of community-centric solutions on WordPress. And with our newest mobile solution available soon, your business can do so much more, offer more, and truly, help your business thrive in an increasingly mobile world. Every detail on your mobile app has been created to look great and be easily editable. Customize your mobile app to suit your brand and have fun doing it!

Excited? Try the BuddyBoss App demo today!

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