Every company must train their employees at some point in time, and you need a well-organized training program to ensure everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

Onboarding is the most common training every employee completes when joining your team, but employees will always need continuing job education as their career progresses with your organization.

The primary challenge with continuing employee education is tracking the educational progress of your employees, especially if you are implementing on-demand online training to help them maintain product or procedural knowledge.

It is difficult to hold anyone accountable for learning if you don’t have a method in place for tracking their learning.

This is why a good Learning Management System (LMS) is critical to the success of your training program.

What’s an LMS?


Generally an LMS is the app or software that your continuing education and training department (or administrators) uses to create training materials, track/verify employee training and provide a database for continuing employee education.

The vast majority of LMS toolkits provide your business with eLearning authoring tools to design and build your own training courses and programs within the LMS.

This means no training time learning the LMS and then learning a third party system to create your training content.

Best of all, an LMS lets your employees train online from home or via their mobile device if they wish, making it more convenient for everyone involved maintain a current knowledge base.

Why Use an LMS?

Helping your employees stay up to date on the latest trends, product knowledge, and changes in your industry is critical to providing the best possible customer experience and quality of service.

Providing employees with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and on their tablet or smartphone can make a significant impact on their ability to maintain the highest level of service and support to every client every time.

Even if you aren’t a people business, employees who work in your warehouse or in manufacturing can benefit from additional training.

Bottom line, better training brings better productivity.

Give your people the best training and job education you can, and they will provide you with superior performance.

Consider adopting a high quality LMS for your business that meets your needs and gives your people a competitive edge.

Upgrade your employee training using a quality LMS and eLearning, and reap the benefits of a better trained workforce now and in the future.

Author Derek Bedry
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