BuddyBoss Product Update – November 14th, 2023

Stability, efficiency, and user-centric improvements are the focus of our latest update at BuddyBoss. As the year progresses, we commit to enhancing your experience with our platform, making sure every interaction is smoother, faster, and more intuitive. This update is defined by significant bug fixes that streamline your BuddyBoss Platform and App usage, directly addressing the feedback from our community.

In this post, we dive into the technical tweaks and bug fixes made across both the BuddyBoss Platform and App. These changes are not just about ironing out imperfections; they are strides toward perfecting the user experience, ensuring that every feature functions at its best for the benefit of our community.

BuddyBoss Web

Our platform is the backbone of your online community, and in this update, we’ve launched a new feature called Login & Logout Redirect. We’ve also solved a lot of bugs to ensure a smoother experience for you and your users.

Introducing Login & Logout Redirect

In our continuous effort to support growing communities, we’re excited to unveil the Login & Logout Redirect feature. This new functionality is designed to enhance the user journey by allowing administrators to set specific URLs for users to be redirected to after logging in or logging out. 

This feature is particularly impactful because of its customization capabilities. Now, you can create different post-login destinations for each Profile Type. For instance, students can be automatically directed to a page with their course materials, while instructors might land on a dashboard with teaching resources. Similarly, logged-out users can be guided to a welcome page or promotional content, ensuring they stay engaged with your community. This level of personalization not only improves navigation but also ensures that users are immediately presented with content that is most relevant and engaging to them.

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Bug Fixes

BuddyBoss Bugs No More

🔄 Profile Sync Update: We recognized that social network links were clinging to profile headers even after users attempted to remove them from the backend. 

This fix ensures that when a user decides to remove a social network from their profile, this change is now immediately visible on the profile header, maintaining the accuracy of the user’s profile information.

🚫 Tag Previews Corrected: We identified an issue where pasting a post with a mention inadvertently generated a preview thumbnail. This was not only unexpected but also cluttered the post.

This is now resolved, so mentions in posts will not trigger any preview, maintaining the clarity and intent of your messages.

⏱️ Improved Posting Speed: Users with extensive follower networks were facing delays in posting updates, affecting the dynamic nature of community interactions. 

We’ve optimized the process to ensure posting is now equally swift for all users, irrespective of their follower count.

👥 Group Hierarchy Management: When admins moved a group into a subgroup, members of the moved group weren’t automatically added to the parent group, despite the relevant setting being activated. 

We’ve now fixed this process. When a group is moved, all members are added to the parent group, adhering to your intended group structure and simplifying group management.

BuddyBoss App

The app extends the reach of your community, and our updates ensure it remains a reliable companion wherever you go. Below is the rundown of app-specific bug fixes.


🎞️ Visible Video Counts: Users highlighted that the count of uploaded videos was missing in the ‘My Groups’ filter on the Videos page. 

We’ve addressed this by ensuring video counts are now displayed across all filters, providing a clearer and more comprehensive view of content engagement.

🔗 In-App Password Reset: We found that after a password reset, the reset link was erroneously redirecting users to the web version of the platform. This disrupted the seamless app experience. 

We’ve corrected this, ensuring that the entire reset process keeps users within the native app environment.

🔕 Group Subscription Visibility: There was an issue where disabling the Notification Component led to the disappearance of group subscriptions. 

Recognizing the importance of these subscriptions in managing community engagement, we’ve made sure they remain visible and functional, independent of the notification settings.

🙂 Emoji Activation: If users inserted emojis from their mobile keyboards without accompanying text, the post button remained inactive. 

We’ve now refined the input detection so that the presence of just an emoji is enough to activate the post button, enabling you to communicate with just the tap of a smiley.

📘 Course Block Integration: Adding Course Blocks was causing an error message and triggering a web fallback. This was less than ideal, as it disrupted the native app experience.

We’ve re-engineered this feature to ensure Course Blocks integrate smoothly and display correctly, maintaining the seamless native app experience you expect.

✉️ Mailto Links on Android: A frustrating issue for Android app users was the malfunctioning of mailto links, which are crucial for initiating quick email communication. Instead of opening the default email app, these links were doing, well, nothing. 

We’ve fixed the bug, restoring the functionality that allows you to use mailto links as intended.

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The latest updates for the BuddyBoss Platform and App are driven by our dedication to providing you with a dependable, efficient, and enjoyable platform. By addressing specific community feedback and focusing on the refinement of existing features, we ensure a solid foundation for your online community.

Your feedback is instrumental in shaping the path of our continuous development, and we welcome any insights or comments on these updates. Our support team is always on standby to assist with any queries or to provide guidance as you navigate through the new refinements.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. Together, we’re not just building communities; we’re enhancing the way they connect, interact, and thrive.

Here’s to a continuously improving BuddyBoss experience.

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