Introducing Live Messaging for BuddyBoss – Messaging Just Got Better

The wait is over! We are happy to announce that live messaging is now available on both the BuddyBoss platform and the app. This was one of the most requested features from our customers, and we’re very excited to finally roll it out.

Along with it, we have come up with some more exciting features and UX improvements on private and group messaging in our latest update, that you’ll definitely love.

Let’s check them out!

Realtime Messaging for Private & Group Chat is Finally Here!

Live messaging has been a long time coming. We launched the beta back in July, and since then our developers have been working hard on improving the feature to make it ready for everyone. Thanks go to all of you who beta-tested the feature voluntarily and helped us improve and finally launch the feature.

The live messaging feature allows members to see a real-time typing indicator, showing when another member is writing a message. The messages will be received and displayed in real-time, without the user having to refresh the browser window.

Members can now also see who is currently online, with the new real-time online status indicator. What’s more, all of the live messaging features now work in both web and mobile app

In order to get all the new live messaging features, please update to the latest version of the BuddyBoss platform, platform pro, and theme. If you’re also an app customer, you need to update your BuddyBoss app plugin and then create a new app build in order to make the update work.

Here’s how to set up the live messaging feature, once you have updated the plugins and theme.

Behold for A New and Better Messaging Experience

Along with the live messaging, we have also released an update with many UI improvements last month to make the experience of private and group messaging more intuitive. Here are the improvements made to the messaging feature of BuddyBoss.

Intuitive formatting for time and date stamps

Conversations are now split by date to make it easy to understand the timeline. You can now check in a flash, whether a conversation happened today, yesterday, within the last week, or before that.

Time and Date Stamp on BuddyBoss Live Messaging
Time and Date Stamp on BuddyBoss Live Messaging

Better interface for input area and uploading media

We’ve updated the interface of the input area, including the media uploading option. Members can now see a progress bar while uploading a media file.

Uploading Interface for BuddyBoss
Media Uploading Interface for BuddyBoss

A renewed way of archiving messages

We’ve updated the interface of the input area, including the media uploading option. Members can now see a progress bar while uploading a media file.
A renewed way of archiving messages

Previously, we had the option to hide any conversation by clicking on the Hide Conversation from the options button. However, it wasn’t easy to find the hidden message, as you would need to search with the exact title of the conversation.

The Hide Conversation option is now improved and is called Archive. You can simply access any conversation and click on the option button to find this option. 

Message Archive on BuddyBoss
Message Archive Option on BuddyBoss

You can also easily find the archived conversations from a new option called Archived Messages.

Archived Messages on BuddyBoss
Checking Archived Messages on BuddyBoss

You can easily unarchive the conversation just the way you archived it. There’ll also be a dedicated button to unarchive conversation just like the image below.

Unarchive Messages on BuddyBoss
Unarchiving Messages on BuddyBoss

For the app users, the message options and the archive message feature can now be accessed by just swiping a conversation from the message page.

Message Archive on BuddyBoss Mobile App
Swipe-based Message Archiving on BuddyBoss Mobile App

Group chat is now more organized

Previously multiple members joining or leaving a group conversation would be displayed in a single message rather than creating multiple entries. Members joining or leaving the conversation will not trigger notifications anymore.

Organize Group Message Join/Leave  on BuddyBoss
Organize Group Message Join/Leave Notification on BuddyBoss

Instant access to all messages for new group members

Now any new member to a group conversation will get access to the previous messages straightway. Previously, a new member would only be able to see the messages that were sent after they joined.

Email digest for unread messages

From now on email digest for messages will not be sent after each message. Rather, you will have the option to set a time limit for email. Any message that stays unread after the set time, will be sent on the email notification. If there are multiple unread messages, they will still be compiled into a single email.

Email Digest for BuddyBoss Messaging
Email Digest for BuddyBoss Messaging

Improved notifications for private messages

Along with the email notification, we also provided a new setting called Hide From Notifications, which allows you to not include notifications for new private messages in your members’ notification lists and counts. 

Better Message Search Logic & Placeholder

Message searches are now faster and more intelligent.

Search Option on BuddyBoss Private Messaging
Search Option on BuddyBoss Private Messaging

Along with it, we have also added a placeholder to show while the messages are loading.

Wireframe/Placeholder on BuddyBoss Messaging
Wireframe/Placeholder on BuddyBoss Messaging

The message search efficiency has also improved for the mobile app. We have also made it easy to start a new message, as we will be suggesting profiles to start a conversation with, based on your previous activity.

Check the following video to have a visual understanding of how the new features affect your experience using private messaging.

Share Your Opinion With Us

We know all of you have been waiting for real-time messaging for a very long time. So we put in a fitting effort to bring it on board. After rigorous beta testing, real-time live messaging is now available for all customers on both platform and app. Along with this we also brought some UI/UX updates that will make the experience of using private messaging better for your members.

Let us know what you think of the features and don’t forget to comment if you think any aspects of the feature could be improved.

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