Welcome to our blog on the best WordPress deals for the holiday season! This is a great time of year to take advantage of special discounts and offers on WordPress products and services. 

Whether you’re a new or experienced WordPress user, there’s sure to be something on offer that can help you improve your website or online presence. 

In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting some of the top deals and promotions currently available, so you can make the most of this festive season. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive into the best WordPress deals for this holiday season!

Featured WordPress Black Friday Deals

If you’re planning to build a course, community, or membership site in WordPress, now is best the time to do so. Because, BuddyBoss is offering some astounding deals this holiday season for the theme, platform, and app.

The BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro – Save up to $265

BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro

The holiday season is all about staying jolly. So BuddyBoss holiday deal on the Theme & Platform Pro will make you extra jolly this year.

Because we’re offering a whooping 25% off the BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro yearly license. You will get the offer for Theme yearly licenses for both 1 site and 5 sites.

And if you want to purchase BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro with a 3-year license, you’ll save even more. That’s a 30% discount for one or 5 sites. 

It’s surely one of our biggest offers for anyone who wants to step into the BuddyBoss ecosystem.

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BuddyBoss App Holiday Deals –  Save up to $2,153

BuddyBoss App

The BuddyBoss app is a must for those who are serious about their community and take their platform to the next level of engagement and revenue. This holiday season is the best time to get a BuddyBoss app license, as we’ve launched a special discount offer on that too!

We’ve got offers for monthly, annual, and multi-year licenses for the BuddyBoss app. So you’ll surely find one that you will like. And the best thing is that you get the same discount no matter which app license you choose. The offers are:

  • Monthly app licenses will let you save – 20% for 1 and 2 apps. 
  • Yearly license will get you an amazing flat 20% off for both 1 and 2 apps.
  • If you want to commit for 3 years, you get the same 20% on 1 and 2 apps, but you get to enjoy the discount for a longer time!

Now that’s what we call savings for everyone!

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BuddyBoss Holiday Bundle – Save up to $2,129

BuddyBoss Holiday Bundle

If you want this holiday to be the time to start your entrepreneurial journey, look no further than the BuddyBoss holiday bundle. 

The BuddyBoss holiday bundle is packed with the BuddyBoss Theme, Platform Pro + App, at one low price. 

The holiday bundle will cost $1999 if you purchase it for 1 year. You can save even more by getting a 3-year license, which cost just $3999. That means you can save as much as $2129!

Holiday savings just can’t get better, can it?

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BuddyBoss All-In-One Bundle – Save up to $1,000

BuddyBoss All-In-One Bundle

Want to launch your course and community website and app at the same time effortlessly, without any hassle?

The BuddyBoss All-In-One bundle is the one you need.

This bundle combines the BuddyBoss Theme, Platform Pro + App, and includes the Done For You Service for both. It’s like a straightforward path to online success!

The BuddyBoss All-In-One bundle will cost you $3,999 for this holiday season, saving you over 20%!

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All the Best WordPress Deals this Holiday Season

This holiday season, there are plenty of holiday deals on offer. We have curated a list of deals for some of the most popular products in WordPress. Let’s have a look!

WPAmelia – Up to 60% Off

Duration: 12th December, 2023 – 20th January, 2024


WordPress Appointments and Events Booking Plugin. Automate appointments, manage staff, and boost your business.

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wpDataTables – Up to 60% Off

Duration: 12th December, 2023 – 20th January, 2024


wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin which makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy.

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The Unlimited Plan – 60% Off

Duration: 14th December, 2023 – 6th January, 2024

The Unlimited Plan

Save 60% on any WordPress purchase (themes and plugins) of your choice. Get the Unlimited Pack (including all products storewide) 60% OFF – for €78,80 only! The Plan also includes the hosting account for FREE.

Coupon: XMAS23

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CTX Feed Pro – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager – 30% Off

Duration: 18th December, 2023 – 5th January, 2024

CTX Feed Pro is the ultimate WooCommerce product feed manager plugin, simplifying the creation and management of woocommerce product feeds for 130+ marketing channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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MasterStudy LMS – 30% Off

Duration: 18th December, 2023 – 3rd January, 2024

MasterStudy LMS is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin for WordPress that serves as a complete solution for anyone looking to create, manage, and sell online courses.

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ThemeHunk Christmas Deals – 30% Off

Duration: 24th December, 2023 – 5th January, 2024

Enjoy discounts of up to 30% available for all! Don’t miss out on securing a discount and lifetime support from one of the premier developers of WordPress Themes and plugins.

Coupon: NEWYEAR24

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Ltheme – 50% off

Duration: 15th December, 2023 – 5th January, 2024


Ltheme is well-known for its large variety of eye-catching and well-organized templates. You may quickly design your website using their user-friendly interface without any coding skills. Furthermore, Ltheme provides exceptional assistance to help you with any problems that may emerge throughout the website development process.


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Mystery Themes – 40% off on Annual Deals and 20% off on Lifetime Deals

Duration: 20th December, 2023 – 10th January, 2024


Mystery Themes is a WordPress theme development company that offers a variety of free and premium WordPress themes for a variety of purposes, including magazines, e-commerce, blogging, business, education, and more. They are offering 40% and 20% off on all of their premium theme purchases annually and in lifetime deals, respectively. The deal starts from December 20 and lasts until January 10.

Coupon: MTXMAS

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Directorist – Up to 40% Off

Duration: 20th December, 2023 – 10th January, 2024

Directorist is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to create a business directory website with ease. You can even create a fully functional, responsive, and multi-directory website within just a few minutes. Most importantly, it has a bunch of premium extensions and themes to scale your website up.

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Dokan – Up to 35%

Duration: 21th December, 2023 – 5th January, 2024

Dokan is the no #1 multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress right now. It has empowered 60,000+ businesses all over the world. With Dokan it requires only 30 minutes to develop a site like Amazon, eBay or Shopify. Now you can build your own eCommerce marketplace without hiring any professional.

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Advanced Ads – 20%

Duration: 20th December, 2023 – 4th January, 2024

Maximize your revenue potential with Advanced Ads, the ultimate ad management plugin for WordPress. Insert ads into the different BuddyBoss streams and target them to your community website’s content and user profiles. Connect easily with Google AdSense for more advertising options and stand out with engaging formats like Parallax, Sticky, and Popup ads to boost your income and optimize ad revenue. With Advanced Ads, monetizing your website is a breeze.

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WPManageNinja – Up to 60% off

Duration: 18th December, 2023 – 5th January, 2024

For the special Christmas & New Year occasion, WPManageNinja is offering up to a 60% discount on all of its premium WordPress plugins. The deal includes all their top products.

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Hasthemes – Premium WordPress Themes – 30% off

Duration: 20th December, 2023 – 4th January, 2024

HashThemes is a top software development company that develops and sells WordPress related products all over the world. Their products contain intuitive design and flexible features to build any type of WordPress powered website without needing any coding skills.


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WP Dark Mode – Up to 40%

Duration: 21st December, 2023 – 3rd January, 2024

WP Dark Mode is the best dark mode plugin for WordPress. It enables a stunning dark-mode version of your website without any coding. With 19 attractive floating switch buttons 13 dark mode color presets, and social sharing, this is a must-have addition to any WordPress website.

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Wbcom Designs – 25%

Duration: 31st December, 2023 – 5th January, 2024

Wbcom Designs is ushering in the New Year with enticing discounts on their premium WordPress themes and plugins. This limited-time offer spans a diverse range of products, including themes optimized for community engagement and e-commerce, along with plugins tailored for enhanced functionality across various platforms. Whether you’re aiming to refresh your website’s design or integrate advanced features, Wbcom Designs’ New Year sale provides an excellent opportunity to invest in quality solutions at reduced prices. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your WordPress website with top-tier offerings from Wbcom Designs and drive success in the digital realm.

Coupon: WELCOME2024

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Wrapping Up

The holiday season is a great time to take advantage of deals on WordPress products and services. Whether you’re looking for a new theme, plugin, or hosting plan, there are plenty of options available to help you save money and improve your website. We hope this list helps you to find the ones that you need!

Happy holidays!

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