Online courses have grown immensely in popularity in recent times as a way for people to learn new things. Unsurprisingly, the competition among course creators is also increasing along with the rising popularity of online courses.

You need to have a plan for increasing your sales if you want to differentiate yourself and be successful in online course creation. And the equation is straightforward: L x S x P x F = GP.

L represents Leads,
S represents Sales,
M represents Margin,
F represents Frequency of purchase,
and GP represents Growth Potential

You can double your sales by doubling any of these factors.

In this blog, we will discuss all four of these strategies and how you can utilize them to grow you online course and increase its sales. Let’s get started!

How to Increase the Number of Leads


Lead generation is the first stage to expand and grow your online course, and is essential for success. A lead is an individual who has shown interest in your online course and submitted their contact information, such as their email address. Increasing the quantity of leads can result in increased revenue since these people could turn into potential consumers.

It is impossible to overestimate the value of lead magnets. Lead magnet is a useful piece of content distributed to potential customers in return for their email address.  Ebooks, webinars, or a free trial of your online course are just a few examples of the different things you can offer to them for sharing the contact details. The goal for you is to make sure that the material is relevant to the wants and needs of your target audience.

For example, if your online course is about learning how to code, your lead magnet should offer valuable content related to coding. This could be an ebook that provides tips and tricks for coding beginners, a webinar that teaches a specific coding skill, or a free trial of your coding course. By providing specific content related to coding, you will attract potential customers who are interested in coding and increase the likelihood that they will become paying customers.

Tips for Creating an Effective Lead Magnet:

Know your target audience: Understanding the demands and interests of your target market is the first step in developing a successful lead magnet. It is important to do market research to find out what topics interest your audience, what issues, and what answers they are seeking.

Keep it simple: A lead magnet should be simple to use and shouldn’t take too much of your potential consumers’ time or effort. Keep it brief and direct.

Provide value: Your lead magnet should provide useful content that your potential consumers can’t get anywhere else. It needs to be something they will value and wish to preserve.

Use attractive design: Your lead magnet needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and simple to read. To make it stand out, use striking fonts, colors, and visuals.

Double Leads by Focusing on Specificity:

One of the best strategies to quadruple your leads is to focus on specificity. You may draw in more potential customers who are more likely to convert to paying customers by designing lead magnets that are specifically targeted to the requirements and interests of your target demographic.

For example, consider that you provide a course online that covers marketing techniques. You might provide a more targeted lead magnet, such as “10 social media marketing advice for small businesses,” rather than a more general one like “10 marketing recommendations.” By narrowing your focus, you may target a certain audience and provide them with material that speaks to their wants and interests.

Another technique to focus on specificity is to create multiple lead magnets. Provide several lead magnets that speak to various subgroups of your target demographic rather than just one. For instance, if your online course covers graphic design, you may provide different lead magnets for aspiring, seasoned, and professional designers.

Increase the Number of Sales


Growing your online course requires increasing sales, but it’s essential that you understand the difference between sales and earning profit. Sales are the entire amount of money made from your online course, and profit is the money that’s left over after all costs are paid. To optimize earnings, it is essential to concentrate on both growing sales and cutting costs.

Use of Tripwire offers is one powerful strategy for boosting sales. A Tripwire offer is a low-priced product or service that is offered to potential customers immediately after they opt-in for your lead magnet. The goal of a Tripwire offer is to convert your leads into paying customers by providing them with an irresistible offer that is hard to pass up.

Examples of Successful Tripwire Offers Include:

AutoGrow’s $7 Tripwire Offer: AutoGrow is a digital marketing company that offers a wide range of online courses. Their Tripwire offer is a $7 “Ultimate Swipe File,” which includes a collection of marketing templates, scripts, and checklists to build your marketing funnel. This Tripwire offer has been incredibly successful, generating $12,418 in sales for just the lead magnet alone.  

AuthorityHacker’s $9.95 Tripwire Offer: AuthorityHacker is a website that teaches how to start and grow content-based sites. They launched a course for $297 and offered a portion of it to their audience for just $9.95. If you like it, buy the rest, or don’t! AuthorityHacker earned $300 just from the revenue of their tripwire sale. And overall their upsell rate from the tripwire was 26%, which led them to earn $2,376 in revenue. Their tripwire offer is a fine example of how to grow your online course.

As you can see, by creating a solid Tripwire offer, you can double or even quadruple your sales by converting more leads into paying customers. Now let’s share some tips to do that.

Tips for Creating an Effective Tripwire Offer:

Keep it low-priced: The goal of a Tripwire offer is not to make a profit but to convert leads into paying customers. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the price low and affordable, usually under $10.

Offer immediate value: Your Tripwire offer should provide immediate value to your potential customers. You can do that by providing a digital product or part of the product, service, or access to exclusive content.

Make it relevant: Your Tripwire offer should be relevant to your target audience and related to your online course. For example, if your online course is about cooking, your Tripwire offer could be a recipe book or a cooking class.

Create urgency: To increase the likelihood of conversion, create urgency around your Tripwire offer. You can offer a limited-time offer, or if it’s a service you can make a limited number of spots available.

Using Tripwire offers is an effective way to double your sales by converting more leads into paying customers. A solid Tripwire offer makes it easy to convert leads into paying customers.

Increase the Margin of the Course


Another efficient strategy to grow your online course company is to raise your margin. The profit generated on each sale after deducting the expenses associated with the products being sold or the cost of providing the service is referred to as the margin. Without necessarily increasing your sales volume, you can raise your profitability by raising your margin.

Upsells, cross-sells, and bundles are three excellent ways to boost your margin. Offering consumers an improved or higher-end version of the good or service they are presently buying is known as upselling. Offering clients complementary goods and services that are relevant to what they are already buying is known as cross-selling. And, offering clients a package deal that combines several goods or services at a reduced cost is known as bundling.

Examples of Companies That Use Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Bundles to Increase Their Margin:

VistaPrint: VistaPrint is an online printing company that offers a wide range of printing services, including business cards, flyers, and banners. They upsell by presenting clients with a more expensive version of the item they are already buying, like offering premium business cards with a glossy finish at discounted rate to those who are buying regular ones. They also do cross-selling, by encouraging you to buy matching envelopes or promotional items like pens and keychains, if you are buying a t-shirt. In addition, they leverage bundling by providing packages that combine different products at a discounted rate, such as a “Business Basics” package that consists of flyers, banners, and business cards.

GoDaddy: GoDaddy is a business that offers web hosting and domain registration. They usually upsell by providing consumers with a more expensive, feature-rich version of their web hosting service. They also cross-sell their website builder tools or email marketing services, when you are just purchasing their hosting service. Also, they leverage bundling by providing packages that combine different items at a discounted rate, such a “Website Builder + Domain + Email” package.

Tips for Increasing Your Margin Through Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Bundles:

Know your customer: Identify the needs of your customers to better provide them with goods and services that are useful and relevant to them.

Offer premium options: Offer premium or higher-end versions of your products or services that provide more value or benefits.

Create bundles: Offer packages that include multiple products or services for a discounted price. This encourages customers to purchase more products and services from you while providing them with savings.

Use scarcity and urgency: Create a sense of scarcity or urgency around your offers to encourage customers to take action and make a purchase.

Make it easy to purchase: Make it easy for customers to purchase additional products or services by offering them at checkout or in follow-up emails.

By understanding your customer, you can offer premium options, create bundles, use the FOMO (fear of missing out), and make your products easy to purchase. This can great increase your margin and profitability.

Increase the Frequency of Purchase


It’s not sufficient to only draw in new clients and generate one-off sales in order to expand your online course. You should concentrate on boosting the frequency of purchases from your current clients if you want to experience sustainable growth. We’ll look at methods for achieving just that in this section.

Developing a sense of community and brand loyalty among your consumers is one of the best methods to encourage them to make more frequent purchases. Customers are more inclined to make repeat purchases when they connect with your brand and care about its success.

Now let’s share some tips to increase the frequency of purchase for your products.

Tips for Increasing Frequency of Purchase:

Create a loyalty program: Loyalty programs are an excellent strategy to encourage customers to make additional purchases and in turn, to grow your online online course. For instance, the Beauty Insider program at Sephora offers points to clients for each purchase they make. These points can then be exchanged for free items or exclusive opportunities. In addition, the program provides benefits like free shipping and early access to new products.

Send targeted email campaigns: Email marketing is another effective strategy for boosting purchase frequency. You can persuade customers to try a similar product or make a second purchase by sending personalized promotions to those who have already made a purchase. If a customer purchases a beginner’s photography course, for instance, you may send them an email promoting an intermediate course or a related item, like a camera accessory.

Offer subscription services: Subscription services is an excellent strategy to get clients to make repeat purchases on a regular basis. For instance, a platform for language study might provide a subscription service that gives users access to fresh exercises or courses each week.

Create a sense of urgency: You can encourage people to buy more regularly by generating a sense of urgency around your goods or services. For instance, you could provide temporary discounts or promotions that end after a specific amount of time.

Examples of Successful Loyalty Programs and Email Marketing Campaigns:

Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime is a subscription service of the eCommerce Amazon. Members of Amazon Prime receive free two-day shipping, as well as access to streaming music and video, among other perks. By providing a wide range of benefits, Amazon has been able to build a loyal client base that makes repeated purchases.

Starbucks Rewards: Another example is the loyalty program of popular coffee chain Stuarbucks. Those who participate in Starbucks Rewards receive points for each transaction they make. After that, customers can use their points to get free drinks, food, or goods. Also, the program provides gifts for birthdays and free refills.

Grammarly: Grammarly is the industry-leading writing assistant. This tool has both a free and a paid subscription service. If you are among one of the users, you would know that they send pretty catchy emails. They send the statistics of your writing every week, showing what mistakes you made in writing and what they fixed for you. Along with that, they also offer additional benefits and features that you can get from their premium subscription. This is an excellent way of doing email marketing, doing promotion while providing value.

Ready to Grow Your Online Course?

In conclusions, you should concentrate on raising the quantity of leads, sales, margin, and frequency of purchases if you want to double your online course sales. By putting the tactics described in this blog into practice, you can develop a thorough sales strategy that boosts your revenue and enables you to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Keep in mind that doubling any of these factors will increase your online course sales by double. Hence, take action right away and put these ideas into practice to boost sales of your online course.

We hope this article helped you learn how to grow your online course with the actionable tips that we shared. It’s time to put the tips into practice!

Author Faisal Sarker Faisal is a tech writer and marketer. Apart from writing useful content that help people around the world, he also likes to travel and read books of all genres in his leisure time.
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