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    Thanks, noted.



    Was having the same problem on BuddyPress 3 after it had been working for some time. Upgraded to BuddyPress 4 including the Media and Wall plug-ins and am getting this same “Error uploading photo”. No other photo plug-ins. The photo hits 100%, then goes to resizing, then errors out. The photo does show up in the media library, so it likely has something to do with the image manipulation. I tried both settings on “Mobile rotation fix” to no avail.


    I can say it is working for me only after I asked my hosting to increase the PHP memory from 128 M to 256 M. Works fine with an iPhone now.



    @palmdoc thanks for that…might help other users with the issue.


    Thanks. Just curious @palmdoc did you have “Mobile Rotation Fix” option enabled in settings? It requires a minimum of 256 M on the server, or else image uploads can max out PHP mem limit and fail.


    I have enabled it now. Previously, even without that option enabled, I could not upload pix with my iPhone.


    Ok thanks. iPhones often take huge images, multiple megabytes, and so PHP memory is important to allow upload script to run. Without the rotation fix option enabled, we're just running plupload which is the most popular mobile upload script. Glad you found a fix that works.

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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