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    Adding this in image-rotation-fixer.php fix the out of memory error (Strange since my phpinfo is already showing memory_limit = 512)

    	if( function_exists( 'exif_read_data' ) ){

    It works ok now. Seems like php imagerotate() is using up to 300mb peak memory for 4000 x 2000 images direct from mobile!



    So I wonder if all the problems stem from running out of memory..


    @adminzenoed Thanks for posting this solution. We will test locally.


    I can confirm setting up a test site with barebones plugin and Add Photo does not work with the Desktop browser and also via mobile (iPhone)


    In the BM1.0.4 this looks like still not fixed?
    I used below and image upload is okay so far ..

    if( function_exists( 'exif_read_data' ) ){
      // ini_set('memory_limit','512M');
      // $exif = exif_read_data( $source );
      $exif = @exif_read_data($source, '', true, false);

    Correct, still not fixed yet.
    You can see the release notes here: https://www.buddyboss.com/release-notes/buddyboss-media-1-0-4/

    This particular update focuses on theme compatibility. Of course this upload bug is of highest importance, but we had some other patches ready to go, so I figured I'd release an update for people waiting on those patches. Working hard to resolve this.


    @tjchester @adminzenoed @palmdoc

    This should be fixed in 1.0.6, available now.

    BuddyBoss Media 1.0.6

    Many servers have lower memory limits (esp. shared hosting) and the image rotation fix uses a lot of RAM to run the process. This happens even more often on mobile devices, where people have very high resolution cameras uploading images with large file sizes, which then get rotated on the server and uploaded.

    We fixed this two ways.

    1) We added an option in the BuddyBoss Media settings to turn the rotation fix on or off, off by default. It tells you what your current server memory is, with a warning that we suggest 256-512mb RAM to use the feature. If you want, you can turn it on. The script fixes images from being uploaded sideways, which often happens with mobile device browsers (not related to BuddyBoss, happens on all kinds of websites due to some quirks with mobile browsers).

    2) We also added a fallback, for users that enable the feature, that checks at the last stage of the script's execution if a fatal error has ocurred in the rotation fix file, then continues the ajax call without rotating.


    Hi Michael, I contacted my hosting service to change the RAM to 512, and they asked me which specific file – and where to find it.


    @milena There isn't a file to change. They would need to physically bump you up to a more powerful server. RAM is hardware.


    @palmdoc @tjchester @toyeebgodo

    Mobile photo upload issues should be fixed in v1.0.7, available now:

    BuddyBoss Media 1.0.7


    Photo uploads don't work for me on a desktop and the icon doesn't even show on my phone. Could I be missing something?



    @nickpls who is your current hosting provider? Did you follow all of the required server settings here: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/buddyboss-install/


    Now on 1.09 and it still is not working for me on the iPhone
    After upload, there is a “resizing” message and then this error pops up:


    Ok, I'll see if we can reproduce this. Couple of questions:

    I see you are have some other “media” plugins at the same time, what are they? I want to replicate your setup.


    Just Buddypress Activity Plus

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