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The Social MarketPlace solution has been around for over a year now and has become one of our most popular products and certainly a very popular choice for starting a MarketPlace site on WordPress.

In recent weeks, some of our customers have seen a growth in their Social MarketPlace powered sites, requiring improvements in performance and scalability.

We’ve listened to the feedback and have put a focus on improving the solution’s performance for better scalability.

It is important to note that the performance and scalability of your site is not solely dependent on the theme you are using. The theme is just one aspect.

Other aspects such as server setup, CDN, caching and others are just as important, if not more important.


Performance Improvements

We have made several improvements to the theme including improvements to the queries, DB calls, data caching etc…

This has resulted in a major increase in performance as we were able to demonstrate, in the tests below.  


Tests, Tools and Environment

To demonstrate the performance improvements, we have chosen to test and compare other themes as well as the old version vs the new version of Social MarketPlace.

Themes we compared

  • Social MarketPlace v. 1.4.2 (the previous version)
  • Social MarketPlace v. 1.5 (the new version)
  • StoreFront
  • Kleo

Tests we performed

We focused on two main tests:

  1. The first test was for the load speed. This was done using Pingdom.
  2. Then, we’ve performed stress testing using by simulating sending a number of users to the site at once.

It is important here to note that stress testing is a deliberate attempt to break the system. In this case, we are sending a large amount of traffic at once.

Your server configuration will play a major role in how the system behaves under stress testing.


Server Configuration

We have tested all these themes on the exact same server configuration.

We have used an amazon t2.micro instance with the following settings:

  • Database : 15.1 Distrib 10.1.24-MariaDB.
  • Webserver : nginx/1.10.3
  • OS : Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
  • PHP : 7.0


Enabled Plugins

We have also enabled the exact same plugins for each test.

Following is the list of plugins enabled:

  1. MarketPlace (This plugin was only enabled in the test of Social MarketPlace)
  2. bbPress
  3. BP Remove Profile Links
  4. BuddyPress
  5. Color Filters for WooCommerce
  6. Newsletter
  7. WC Vendors
  8. WC Vendors Pro
  9. WooCommerce
  10. WPBakery Visual Composer

Pages Tested

For each theme, we have tested the following pages. These are key MarketPlace pages that are very similar in content, across sites.

  • Shop Page
  • Profile Page
  • Product Page


Test Results

MarketPlace 1.4.2 (with OneSocial 1.3.1) – Current Version

Load speed test, with Pingdom:

  • Shop Page – 2.69s

  • Profile Page – 2.59s

  • Product Page – 2.66s

Stress testing, with

  • Shop Page – 3 Success, 3 Timeout, Failed in 22s

  • Profile Page – 6 Success, 4 Timeout, Failed in 25s

  • Product Page – 6 Success, 7 Timeout, Failed in 30s

MarketPlace 1.5 (with OneSocial 1.4) – Current Version

Load speed test, with Pingdom:

  • Shop Page – 1.82s

  • Profile Page – 1.95

  • Product Page – 1.72s

Stress testing, with

  • Shop Page – 70 Success, 0 Timeout, Success

  • Profile Page – 70 Success, 0 Timeout, Success

  • Product Page – 70 Success, 0 Timeout, Success

StoreFront – Current Version

Load speed test, with Pingdom:

  • Shop Page – 2.12s

  • Profile Page – 2.18s

  • Product Page – 1.52s

Stress testing, with

  • Shop Page – 20 Success, 10 Timeout, Failed in 35s

  • Profile Page – 70 Success, 0 Timeout, Success

  • Product Page – 70 Success, 0 Timeout, Success

Kleo – Current Version

Load speed test, with Pingdom:

  • Shop Page – 2.18s
  • Profile Page – 2.55s

  • Product Page – 1.88s

Stress testing, with

  • Shop Page – 5 Success, 6 Timeout, Failed in 22s

  • Profile Page – 20 Success, 15 Timeout, Failed in 40s

  • Product Page – 15 Success, 14 Timeout, Failed in 35s



As demonstrated by these test results, we were able to make big improvements to the performance of Social Marketplace. In multiple of these tests, Social Marketplace was able to outperform the other themes we’ve compared it to.  

We thank everyone who has patiently waited for this upgrade, and we hope we can continue to provide you with the help you need, so you can run successful marketplaces.


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