Why Use LearnDash in Your Community?

LearnDash is a great platform for creating and publishing your course content that’s why BuddyBoss Integrates with LearnDash. In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize your LearnDash courses index for BuddyBoss theme. We have many additional tutorials in the LearnDash documentation section so make sure to check those out.

Configure LearnDash 

Design & Content Elements

Our BuddyBoss theme is designed to make LearnDash look beautiful, and it requires LearnDash 3.0 or above in order to work correctly. LearnDash 2.0 and below uses a “Legacy” template pack which is not fully compatible with our new BuddyBoss Theme. Once LearnDash 3.0 is installed, you will need to navigate to LearnDash – Settings – General, and make sure to set the Active Template to LearnDash 3.0.

Theme Options

Now, proceed to BuddyBoss – Theme Options – LearnDash. Turn on the Show Categories Filter, it will enable the course category filter. Then select the Course Categories under Taxonomy. Turn on the Show Instructor Filter, it will enable users to filter courses by instructors. Click the Save Changes.

Theme Options

Edit Course

Navigate to the LearDash LMS – Courses. Select any course and select Edit.

Edit Course

In your edited course click on Add New Course Category from there.

Add New Course Category

Type the category name, for example Technology and click on the same button again. Your category is selected. Moreover, if there are categories made before, you can select them from here. 

Course Categories

Refresh your LearnDash LMS frontend to see the changes we made. Watch out for the Technology category and All Instructors filter. Click on the Technology category. 

Click on Technology Category

You can see the courses where we have added the Technology category. 

Technology Category Blog

There are other ways you can filter other than Alphabetical such as the Newly Created filter.

ewly Created Filter

My Progress filter, allows users to filter by the courses they have already started. They will be able to see the progress of each course they have started. 

Course Content

Again go to BuddyBoss – Theme Options – LearnDash. Turn on-

  • Course Author- Display the course author on courses, lessons and topics. 
  • Course Author Bio- Display the course author bio on single courses. This data comes from the “Biographical Info” section when editing a user in the backend.
  • Course Date- Display the course date on courses, lessons and topics.
  • Course Participants- Display the list of enrolled course participants on courses, lessons and topics.

Please Be Noted- All these changes will be shown when you go to the page of a course. 

Course Content

For example we have selected a course named- Animation and VFX. See the changes, here you can see the Author name, which is linked to his BuddyBoss profile. The course participants are also visible. 

Animation and VFX

If you go down the bottom there you can find the author bio as we told you before. 

Author Bio

Yeah that is it. Have you customize your courses? If not, let’s do it with this tutorial.

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