Import / Export

It is very easy to export and import your theme options between websites in the BuddyBoss Theme. You may want to move theme options from a staging site to your live site, or from a live site to your local development site. In this tutorial, we show you how you can quickly export and import your theme options in the BuddyBoss theme.

Configure Import/ Export

Suppose you have organized your staging site and you like the theme and color. In BuddyBoss platform you have the opportunity to use the theme color in your live site. Have a look in the image of a website with bright colors. 

Now, we will navigate to the BuddyBoss – Theme Options – Import/ Export. In the Export Options click the Copy to Clipboard button. 

Now see a website with no color at all. 

At the backend, go in the same direction, BuddyBoss – Theme Options – Import/ Export. Now, hit the Import From Clipboard button. And in the field paste the copied data from the other side. Click the Import button and don’t forget to press the Save Changes button.

Next, refresh the frontend of this website. Voila! You have successfully exported the data from a website and imported it in your desired website within a few clicks. 

This feature saves your time and effort. Enjoy! 


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