Custom Codes

Why Use Custom Codes in Your Community

If you want to add small snippets of code, you can easily do so via the Custom Codes theme options area. You can add more major changes through custom code, we recommend doing that through the included child theme. In this tutorial, we teach you how to quickly add custom code into the BuddyBoss theme.

Configure Custom Code 

Tracking Code

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Theme Options – Custom Codes. At first turn on the Tracking Code, and for example we are using the Google Analytics code to track your website. If you want to get this code from your Google Analytics, go to Admin – Property- Tracking Info. In the drop down of Tracking Info you will find Tracking Code. And there you will get the code. Copy and paste the code in Tracking Code field of BuddyBoss. Now click Save Changes

If you now view source code of your website then at the bottom you will find the code. 

Custom CSS Code

Let’s now add some CSS codes and don’t forget to turn on that option to open the code field. We have added a style code and clicked the Save Changes button. Before seeing the result note that you can do the same for the third Javascript option. 

As you can see, the background is successfully turned red.

This is the easy option to add codes in your BuddyBoss platform.


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