Image Sizes

The following table lists the dimensions for images for the various theme elements in the BuddyBoss Theme:

Theme ElementImage Dimensions
Profile Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Group Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Forum Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Profile Avatarminimum 170 x 170px
Group Avatarminimum 170 x 170px
Forum Avatarminimum 170 x 170px

Note: For group cover images on the Groups Directory (Grid View), the viewable area of the image is 450 x 225px.

Social Group Cover Image guide

Accepted image file types:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png (Mostly preferred since they experience less compression, and are displayed with better quality (less pixelated)).
  • .gif


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