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Buddy Panel vs Widget Sidebar Menu

After we deliver the DFY Project to you, if you want to update the BuddyPanel / Widget Sidebar Menu, please keep these things in mind.

Buddy PanelWidget Sidebar Menu
Built in Feature YesNo, requires manual addition of widgets.
Consistency of alignmentYes, it will always be aligned to where it was set up. No, page structure may affect the alignment. 
Collapsible / ExpandableYesNo
Dependency on screen resolutionNoYes, if you shrink your screen to a certain point, the widget may move from the left to the right due to responsiveness.
Styling Will follow theme options stylingCannot be customized from the theme options.
Setup TimeVery quick, just toggle on / off.Done manually, can take up to 30 minutes.
Adding menus / sub-menusEasy to setup in WordPress Appearances Menus.Done manually, can take up to 30 minutes.
Mobile SupportSupportedDepends on various factors like page structure, contents, etc.

Left Buddy Panel:

Right Buddy Panel:

Left Widget Sidebar Menu:

Right Widget Sidebar Menu:


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