Gravity Forms – WordPress Plugin Review

Oct 11 2010 - 2 MINS READ


  • Editor Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Download link: Gravity Forms
  • Plugin version:
  • We tested with: WordPress 3.0.1, BuddyPress
  • Author: RocketGenius
  • Price: $39 – $199

The ability to add forms on your WordPress site would really be a nice addition. Maybe you'd want to add a survey, a contact/feedback form, or perhaps create an autoresponder email to your users. All this is possible by adding a plugin called Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Functionality

Gravity Forms provides the ability to add forms on your WordPress site. It has a lot of other features like it creates autoresponder emails, can help prevent spam with its reCAPTCHA protection, allows you to export form entry data into a CSV format, and embed forms into posts and pages, among others.


Installing Gravity Forms is as easy as any other plugin. However, you would need a serial to activate the plugin. There are three different pricing packages that you can choose from. You need to pay $39 for a single site license, $99 for a multi-site license, and $199 for a developer license.

After installing and activating the plugin on your site, there will be a forms drop down menu on the left sidebar of the dashboard where you can create new forms, edit existing ones, tweak the settings, import/export forms, check for updates, and view the help page.



Here's an example of a form created using Gravity Forms:

Gravity Forms Review

While new to Gravity Forms, I didn't really have a hard time learning how to create a form using this plugin. Using its basic functions, like creating forms and adding them to post and pages, is quite easy and I was able to create one in just a few minutes. But, exploring its different features and possibilities does require a slight learning curve. I do like the fact that this is a multi-faceted plugin and it supports a lot of different features that could potentially be very useful to WordPress site owners. You can see a full list of features here.


While there are other form plugins out there, I would daresay that Gravity forms is the best there is. Even if you'd have to pay for this premium plugin, the features and functionality that you get in return is well worth its price.

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