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The Largest List of BuddyPress Sites

You’ve heard of BuddyPress, right? Of course, you have! It’s only the most popular open source social networking software package. Most social networking sites are built using BuddyPress and they’re all pretty awesome. Well, for those who haven’t heard of BuddyPress and especially for those who have, feast your eyes on the largest list of […]

Gravity Forms – WordPress Plugin Review

The ability to add forms on your WordPress site would really be a nice addition. Maybe you’d want to add a survey, a contact/feedback form, or perhaps create an autoresponder email to your users. All this is possible by adding a plugin called Gravity Forms.

BP Group Documents – BuddyPress Plugin Review

Adding the ability to upload and share files and documents to groups on your website would be a great addition to any BuddyPress site. I wanted to be able to upload files with common file extension like .doc, .xls, .jpg, .zip, etc. to groups on our website, and BP Group Documents did the trick.