BP Group Documents – BuddyPress Plugin Review

Sep 30 2010 - 3 MINS READ


  • Editor Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Download Link: BP Group Documents
  • Plugin version: 0.3.5
  • We tested with: WordPress 3.0.1, BuddyPress
  • Author: Peter Anselmo
  • Price: Free

Adding the ability to upload and share files and documents to groups on your website would be a great addition to any BuddyPress site. I wanted to be able to upload files with common file extension like .doc, .xls, .jpg, .zip, etc. to groups on our website, so I searched for a plugin that will enable me to do this.

BP Group Documents Functionality

I came across BP Group Documents. This plugin will add a page on BuddyPress groups where members can upload any type of file or document. These files can be modified and deleted by the document owner or the group moderator.


I installed and activated the plugin on our site. Doing this adds a link underneath the BuddyPress drop down on the dashboard sidebar. Clicking this link allows you to set the settings of the plugin. Here, you can choose the different file formats that can be uploaded.

You will then see a new “documents” tab on the groups homepage.

Clicking on the tab brings you to the page where you can upload the files that you want. You can even add a title and a description the file that you will be uploading.

Once you upload the file, it will appear under the documents tab on the group page and can be downloaded and viewed by members.

BP Group Documents Review

The plugin, BP Group Documents, is pretty easy to install and set up on your website and using it is not complicated at all. The plugin is straightforward and I doubt if there will be any confusion on how to use it. I like the fact that there are already pre-loaded supported file types on its settings page. You can even add more file types that are not on initially on the list.


Overall, BP Group Documents functions just as expected. This is one very useful plugin if you want to add the ability to upload files and documents on groups on your website.

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