Delivering an online course isn’t easy. The way you deliver your course can make a big difference in its success.

Imagine an online cooking class where students cook along with you live, instead of just watching instructions.

Students are more engaged and interested this way. The energy and passion are contagious!

This is just one example of how choosing the right online course delivery method can improve the student experience.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss different online course delivery methods. We’ll also help you choose the right one for your course. Besides that, we’ll share tips and best practices for delivering a world-class course, no matter the method.

So, if you want to create an engaging and effective online course, keep reading!

It Matters How You Deliver the Course

The way you deliver your online course material can make a world of difference in its success. Here’s why:

  • Engagement is Key: Presentation matters! Online course delivery method directly impacts how students engage with the information. Some students thrive on interactive elements, while others prefer a more structured approach. Choosing the right method ensures your content is presented in a way that resonates with your target audience.
  • Understanding Matters More: Delivery methods can influence how well students grasp the material. A method that aligns with your students’ learning styles can significantly improve their ability to understand and retain what they’re being taught. Imagine the difference between a lecture-heavy course and one that incorporates interactive quizzes and practical exercises – the latter is more likely to lead to deeper understanding and knowledge application.
  • Motivation Matters Most: Let’s face it, complex online course delivery methods can be confusing and frustrating for students. A user-friendly delivery method keeps students engaged and motivated to complete the course. Imagine struggling with a clunky online platform – it wouldn’t exactly make you excited to learn more, would it? Choosing a user-friendly delivery method ensures a smooth learning experience that keeps students coming back for more.

The Different Online Course Delivery Methods

There are several different online course delivery methods to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

How to Deliver a World-Class Course - Choosing the Best Delivery Method

Live Interactive Online Workshops

Live online workshops are a popular method of delivering courses. It’s because they give students the chance to communicate with the instructor in real-time and ask questions. This is a great way to maintain student interest and make sure they are getting the assistance they need.

Live Interactive Online Workshops

Rekindle the magic of the classroom with live interactive online workshops! This dynamic approach fosters real-time, two-way communication. Students can pepper you with questions, ensuring they grasp concepts before moving forward.

Live workshops are a powerful antidote to student disengagement, keeping them actively involved and on track for success. Imagine a virtual classroom buzzing with questions and lively discussions – that’s the power of live online workshops!

Recorded Video Lectures 

Video is the undisputed heavyweight champion of online course delivery. Recorded video lectures offer unparalleled flexibility. Recorded videos let students conquer the struggle of time zones. They can also revisit the material at their own pace.  Statistics show that over 80% of the time spent online is watching videos.

Need to rewind an intricate explanation? No problem! Want to pause and jot down key takeaways for later review? Recorded videos empower students to learn on their own terms. But wait, there’s more! 

This method also leverages the power of visual demonstrations. Complex subjects become easier to understand and retain as students can see you walk them through concepts step-by-step.

Audio Delivery Method

Using audio as a delivery method can be a great way for instructors to give students flexibility and convenience. Among the ways audio can be used are podcasts, audiobooks, and audio-conferencing. 

For instance, listening to podcasts while on the go can be a great way for students to catch up on missed lectures or review material. For students who struggle with reading or just like to learn by listening, audio textbooks offer an alternative.

Delivery through Downloadable Items

Downloadable materials, like PDFs, e-books, and documents, can be helpful for delivering courses because they give students a reliable resource for studying and reviewing the material that is always available. These resources can be used independently for self-paced learning or as an addition to conventional textbooks. Additionally, they can be used to give students extra reading materials, homework, or quizzes that will help in their understanding of the course.

Text-based Delivery

For students who would rather read than watch or listen to lectures, text-based online course delivery methods like online articles or blog posts can be a good choice. The Text-based delivery method is one of the oldest and most popular online course delivery methods.

Effective course Delivery Through Video

When deciding on the delivery method for your course, there are a few things to consider.

Find A Suitable Delivery Method for Your Course

Choosing the best delivery strategy is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of the course. This will depend on the course you are teaching and the preferences of your learners.  For instance, a live online workshop might be the best choice if your course needs to be interactive. A recorded video lecture might be more appropriate for your course if it is more lecture-based.

Different Methods Suits Different Types of Lesson

Different lesson types require different online course delivery strategies. For lessons that use visual aids, for instance, video lectures might be a good option, whereas audio delivery techniques might be more appropriate for lessons that focus more on the discussion.

A Mixed Method is Always the Safest

Choosing a prominent online course delivery strategy that works for your course is crucial. But it’s also a good idea to mix up some strategies because different lessons may call for different approaches. Let’s say that you primarily use recorded videos. Some lectures, though, might be better delivered and comprehended by students through a live workshop. So, for that specific lesson, you can opt for a live workshop.

Choose a Course Platform that Lets You Deliver Courses Efficiently

Choosing the right course platform can make a big difference in how efficiently you’re able to deliver your courses. A good course platform should allow you to easily create course content, as well as deliver them to the students. It helps to turn your visions into life.

BuddyBoss is a course platform that makes it easy for you to deliver your courses thanks to the integration with top course platforms. It allows you to present lessons, quizzes, and assignments, and organize them into modules to create a cohesive course. You can take live classes with the Zoom integration and deliver in other ways, such as video, audio, and text.

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Tips for Delivering an Engaging Course

Tips for Delivering an Engaging Course

No matter which online course delivery method you choose, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your course is engaging for learners.

Follow the Best Practices of Instructional Design: Creating an engaging course requires effective instructional design. Follow best practices by being clear and concise in your writing. Arrange the information logically. Offer a lot of practice and application opportunities.

Make Your Delivery Professional: Make sure your delivery is professional. Whether you’re using recorded video lectures or live interactive workshops. Make sure the audio and visual components are crystal clear and simple to understand and always remember to use high-quality equipment.

Downloadable Materials Increase the Sense of Value: Giving students access to downloadable content can improve your course’s value and give it a more thorough feel. Just make sure the materials are accessible and well-organized.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Exams: Exams can be a useful tool for gauging student progress, but it’s important not to rely on them excessively. Students might find them boring and uninspiring. Instead, think about using a variety of assessment techniques like group projects, quizzes, or quizzes. They give students multiple chances to show off their knowledge and abilities.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, choosing the best online course delivery method is crucial for online course success.  There are many options including live workshops, recorded lectures, audio, text, and downloads.  Pick the strategy that aligns with your course and lesson style.

Target audience matters too. Do they crave live interaction or prefer self-paced learning? Is your content conceptual or demonstration-heavy?

Selecting the right delivery method gets you halfway there. But here’s the secret weapon: a platform that seamlessly blends these methods. That’s BuddyBoss.

BuddyBoss is a powerful WordPress plugin designed specifically for creating and launching amazing online courses.  You can easily mix and match delivery methods with BuddyBoss. Host interactive webinars, upload pre-recorded lectures, share downloadable resources, and create engaging text modules – all within a beautiful, intuitive interface.

BuddyBoss also streamlines course management, student enrollment, and progress tracking. It equips you with the tools to focus on delivering exceptional course content.

Ready to transform your expertise into a thriving online course? Launch your course with BuddyBoss today!

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