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    Thanks to all who have commented here…I'm in the same boat and been wondering what the F be going on with the buddyboss as I receieved a message over a week ago that this was to be fixed within two-three days…

    GOing to downgrade the sensei to 1.8.8 to see if that does anything, big thanks to the kind folk who posted the sensei repository of previous versions.

    may the force be with you all,




    Hello Admin's, Just updated sensei, boss for sensei and bp for sensei, (boss for sensei didn't auto update, i had to download from buddypress site) and all seems to work as far as i can see now.

    Only on the course page i get this white gap below ‘course progression' (see attachment). Any suggestions? Thnks!


    PS The collaps of modules in course progress widget is great!



    Hi @zen-nl, Please add this css code inside your boss theme's custom css option

    #course-details {
        display: none !important;



    Thnks, that's better!


    @pallavi so we can't yet update sensei?



    Hi @peppe-sapienza, Boss for Sensei has been updated today you can upgrade it to latest version.



    Please it is very urgent to have an update soon for Social Learner sensei.

    I discovered these faults today because I just bought sensei 1.9.2 and social learner, but I find these faults and I am unable to move forward in shaping my site 🙁

    thank you for a quick solution



    You're going to develop a feature like this Learndash (attached)? and / or make plugin compatible with Pango Sensei Module Collapse?

    Date for this?




    Hi @jesus-lopez74, Most probably we will make it compatible with Pango plugin. Our team is working hard on preparing the next release, we will let you know as soon as it’s ready. I am unable to tell you the exact time, but we’re doing our best to speed things up.



    @pallavi, @vapvarun please some news about the new version of “sensei boss for plugin”
    I would read that yesterday?



    Hi @conferenciaslm, Sorry for the delayed response..Please update you Boss for Sensei now as we have pushed new updates 2 days back.
    We have fixed almost all the bugs related to Sensei.
    If you still getting any issue or need any help in theme configuration please send out your website login credentials with the thread url from our contact us page.



    @pallavi, I updated everything this morning. It mostly works with a couple of important exceptions:

    1. One of my three course pages doesn't render correctly (https://humanscalebusiness.org/course/mini-course-using-the-take-home-income-calculator/). I don't know if it's relevant, but this is the only course that isn't associated with a BuddyPress Group.
    2. The updates don't work with The Events Calendar/The Events Calendar PRO plugins (https://humanscalebusiness.org/events/)

    Screenshots are attached.

    Your help in getting these problems fixed promptly will be greatly appreciated.


    @pallavi, I was able to fix the problem I was having with The Events Calendar plugin. I'm still having trouble with the rendering of one of my individual course pages.


    By rendering, specifically do you mean that the lessons are not appearing on the page? If so, I am running into the same problem and do not know the fix — however, as soon as you disable the Boss-Sensei plugin, the lessons appear on the page (badly formatted, but they do show). Which leads me to believe that Boss-Sensei plugin is still an issue. I've tried clean installs with nothing but the Social Learner components using combinations of both Sensei 1.8.8 and 1.9.2 along with Boss-Sensei 1.05 and 1.06 and still the lessons do not show. Very frustrating.

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