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    Hi guys
    The latest update to Sensei v1.9, causes multiple errors in Social Lerner layout and styling. It is a disaster in terms of what the user sees and needs immediate fix please if you didn't see this coming for some reason.



    Sensei 1.9 features a completely revamped template system, which is why it breaks Social Learner – it's a major update. If you can, you might consider reverting to Sensei v.1.8.8 until Buddyboss can issue an update.


    Thanks @davejay,
    Any response from BuddyBoss on this?
    Sensei unusable with Social Learner as it is.




    I agree. Sensei is unusable with Social Learner as is. I can only assume Buddyboss is working on it, but their silence on the issue is troubling.


    Also finding this, and hope BuddyBoss have an update coming – it would be great to hear from them directly.


    Hello can somebody from BB respond.


    Hello @happybynature @familybudgeting @davejay
    Extreme Sorry for delayed response
    We are working on it on high priority we will push update within couple of days
    For now you can keep Sensei lower version.


    Hi everyone, the day we were talking about this, I had updated Sensei to v1.9. After checking this forum and realising it wasn't just my website that essentially broke, I wanted to roll back to v1.8.8. Only I didn't have a copy saved so contacted WooThemes to ask where the repository of previous versions was kept.

    (If anyone is interested, it's here: https://github.com/woothemes/sensei/releases)

    But they said something else I found interesting:

    We fixed up the issue that takes people's website down and will release it today.

    I haven't seen a further release, but it was interesting they took some of the blame themselves!

    Meanwhile, we await BuddyBoss' update… and explanation as to why this came as a surprise. (I myself am signed up to get WooThemes pre-release updates for testing, so know that this one was around well before it was finally released.)

    @vapvarun We know you can't be everywhere at once, but why did the Sensei update seem to catch you so off guard?




    Hi @familybudgeting,

    We are cross checking with Sensei team

    1) division by zero error
    2) fatal error on certain hosts due to DIR path
    3) mb_string functions which also created issue for lots of customers
    4) Error for those customer different database prefix instead for default wp_

    which caused issue for all the customers including standalone customers which are using 3rd party themes.
    Sensei have covered all of above inside next update 1.9.1
    We are working on it, and fixing template structure inside Boss for Sensei and BuddyPress for Sensei both.

    Please have little patience, quick patch will not work for now.
    We need to cross check all template files along with reported issues.

    Varun Dubey


    I am having the same issue, although I downgraded to v1.8, and I am still having issues. I am on a tight deadline. I hope we can get what we need soon.


    Hi, Varun.

    I see that Sensei is up to version 1.9.2. Any sense of when you will be able to release the new Social Learner update? I'm running Sensei 1.8.8, so I'm fine for now. Just trying to plan ahead.





    Hi @dbayless, Our developers is working on this one hopefully it will be released in a couple of days.



    just activated the just released plugin updates for ‘Boss for Sensei' and ‘Buddypress for Sensei'. Also updated Sensei to 1.9.2. Major issues still there on single course page – like doubling of featured image, doubling of lessons, absence of thumbnails images for course widgets, cutting off of course overview.


    Another problem

    Pango Sensei Module Collapse – plugin does not work, lessons disappear on course page.

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