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    Hello, When using a tablet (and only on a tablet, pc and phone are fine) the bp profile picture in the upper right corner dissapears, any suggestions? Thnks!



    OK, we're finally getting somewhere. This is YOUR definition of what offers a STABLE BUILD for Social Learner.

    WP + BP + Sensei 1.8.8 you should use Boss for Sensei 1.0.4.

    Boss for Sensei 1.06 (current version) is not fully functional with anything higher than Sensei 1.8.8.

    Now, you have NO WAY AVAILABLE FOR ANY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS TO DOWNLOAD Boss for Sensei 1.0.4, unless we archived it previously on our own systems somewhere. You only offer a link under MY DOWNLOADS to the LATEST version of Boss for Sensei 1.0.6.

    How do I, and any other customer who needs a stable build using your product, get access to Boss for Sensei 1.0.4?

    So to put it a bit more bluntly, AS OF THIS MOMENT IN TIME, YOU DON'T OFFER



    I can't even wrap my head around that one…


    Hey Andrew, this is not a reply to my question i guess/hope?
    Do you have the same issue with profiles not showing on tablets?


    Misha, I have not even looked that far, but will check. I stopped everything with this product after all of my lessons stopped appearing on course pages (along with Start This Course and other ridiculously important stuff).

    I'm having a hard time taking this company seriously anymore. This situation has been going on for close to a month. Update soon…We're working on it…It wasn't until my last ask for what are the stable components that I could even get an answer out of them. Which forces me think either that they knew the stable combinations and didn't choose to tell customers, or they didn't know themselves until asked to figure it out. I don't know which of those answers is worse.

    All this situation required, A LONG TIME AGO, was a statement that said —

    “Due to the major changes in Sensei 1.9+, which we do not control, we will have to fully update our Social Learner product to make it work with Sensei 1.9+. IN THE MEANTIME, UNTIL WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR UPDATES, you should use Sensei 1.8.8 and Boss-Sensei 1.04. To download Boss-Sensei 1.04, CLICK HERE.”

    It's not just that the statement never came out, but that they continued furious development on the Boss-Sensei plugin AND stopped offering download access to existing (and new) customers for the version that works — 1.0.4.

    If you can't continuously hold a stable build of your product, and communicate to your customers how to achieve that stable build, and give them the ability to access all the components needed for the stable build, then you simply have a PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. You are SELLING it, and saying that you SUPPORT it, but IT DOES NOT WORK by your own admission.


    @rocketbrain I agree with you and completely understand your frustration. I too am frustrated and quite disappointed in their handling of the so called “Stable” release of Boss-Sensei because I was specifically told all the bugs introduced with the Sensei plugin v1.9.2 were fixed, which is why I decided to make a purchase. However, from my own experience, as well as the experience of others, it's apparent that Social Learner for Sensei is not bug free.

    In my experience, I am having issues with the course lesson content not showing. The course content appears on both the courses and single course page, but once you click on one of the lessons you get a page with no content. I am having issues with the Group/Course Discussion button not showing up on the course with a group connected to it. I am also having issues where anything BuddyPress related doesn't appear. For example, my profile, my groups, my courses, settings, etc. However, once I deactivate Boss-Sensei, everything appears as it should, but the styling is a complete and utter disaster.

    Now, I am a new customer here at BuddyBoss, so I am trying to be as understanding and patient as possible because I know @vapvarun and @pallavi are only doing what they have been told and are doing their best to assist everyone. However, I strongly believe honesty and transparency is important in any relationship, so I don't appreciate the fact, that we as customers haven't been getting that.


    I purchased Social Learner shortly after it's initial release. Overall, I've been very pleased with the product and its support – notwithstanding BuddyBoss's uncharacteristic fumble of the Sensei 1.9 update. I appreciate that it may be of little comfort to those of you who are struggling with broken sites, but my experience suggests that the current problems will be fixed. I certainly hope so – I, too, rely heavily on Boss/Social Learner.


    Hi @rocketbrain, after reading your first comment and what else is on the forum at the moment, I think it was intended for another thread? Maybe: https://www.buddyboss.com/support-forums/topic/sensei-v1-9-shortcodes/ ?

    Like @dbayless I think the handling of this update was uncharacteristic. I asked BuddyBoss to explain in this thread: https://www.buddyboss.com/support-forums/topic/recent-updates-please-explain/ – which has satisfied me for now.

    I think the BuddyBoss team have heard us pretty clearly that we cannot accept another incident like this one.

    In the meantime the support team are doing their best to help us through our individual circumstances.


    I was in that forum on shortocdes, Mike. I moved my last comment to this forum because this was the beginning of my grand adventure.


    I'm on the fence on this one. On the one hand, I'm inclined to be patient because Sensei 1.9 was such a major overhaul of the plugin, with a completely new templating system that basically required Social Learner for Sensei to be re-written. That's a big job, and beyond the scope of normal “support” – I'm not surprised that it's taken some time.

    But on the other hand, Buddyboss should have kept us all better informed of the situation. They knew Sensei 1.9 was going to break a lot of websites running Social Learner. All they needed to do was tell us: “We're working on a completely rebuilt version of Social Learner to work with Sensei 1.9. We suggest you hold off on updating Sensei to the latest version until our own updates are ready. We apologize for the delay.” That would saved everyone here a lot of frustration.

    I don't mind the occasional delay. Just let us know what's going on.


    @rocketbrain Good as 🙂



    Hello All, Really apologize for the inconvenience you guys are facing..Our team is working hard on preparing the next release (with proper testing and including all suggestions from our customers to make it more better and user friendly), we will let you know as soon as it’s ready. I am unable to tell you the exact time, but we’re doing our best to speed things up..

    @rocketbrain I have PM you the ‘Boss-Sensei 1.04' please check your inbox

    Kind Regards



    Hi @zen-nl, Please provide me your site url I will check that.



    @pallavi @vapvarun and others who might find the following info. useful:

    plugins -> boss-sensei -> includes -> main-class.php

    I believe I zeroed in on the culprits for some of the issues I have been experiencing related to the boss-sensei plugin.

    The code located on line 544 to line 552 seems to be the culprit in making all BuddyPress specific pages (i.e. Members, Groups, My Groups, Profile, etc.) from appearing with their content.

    The code located on line 854 to line 861 seems to be the culprit in making the group “Course Discussion” button located on the right side of course pages, that are connected with a group, from appearing.

    In removing the code on the lines listed above, those specific issues went away.

    As for the issue I was having with the lesson content of courses not appearing, I went into each lesson and re-selected all the options I had selected and then clicked on the “Update” button. In doing so, the lessons and their content appeared again.

    themes -> social-learner -> sidebar-buddypress.php

    I believe I zeroed in on the culprit for causing the issue where the group avatar and info doesn’t appear on the right side for groups that are connected to a course. In the social-learner theme folder there is a template file named “sidebar-buddypress.php”. It seems to have been coded to let groups connected to courses to use the group dynamic sidebar found in the widgets section instead of the default single group markup. So, replacing the code found on line 45 with the markup and code from line 47 to line 85 has allowed the groups connected to courses to now have their group avatar and info. displayed on the right side.

    I hope this info provides some assistance to others!


    @pallavi @vapvarun how much longer should we wait?


    This is for the attention of the Captain of the BuddyBoss ship.
    Can we have clarity on the following for me, others may need reassurance on other issues:
    1. The level of resources dedicated to the Social Learner solution moving forward, especially when so many other solutions are being released.
    2. Your strategy to prevent the current crises recurring and growing the success of this solution.
    We all want to succeed with you.

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