Successfully running a membership site usually requires that you exclusively offer your members valuable content that they can’t access anywhere else.

This kind of material, known as premium content, is essential for getting people to join your site and keeping them as members.

So if you’ve come up with and validated an excellent idea for a membership site, what strategies can you employ in restricting access to premium content to your subscribers alone?

Content Restriction Strategies

Content Restriction
Content Restriction

An easy way to restrict access to premium content is to require a login with a unique username and password.

Existing members who have signed up for your site can, thus, easily access premium content once they’re logged in.

Those yet to sign up, however, can be redirected to the free content on your site.

Thus, while the primary goal is to deliver premium content to your members, having valuable free content and tools on your site is a great strategy.

For one thing, it allows you to be found through search engine traffic since Google cannot find your premium content. It also enables potential customers to see the value of joining your site.

Free content can include small ebooks, light courses, or the first sections of your premium course.

You can even have a completely free membership level with limited access to valuable content.

Members on such levels can then upgrade to get full access to your premium content.

Now what kind of valuable content can you offer to your subscribers? Here are some forms of premium content that people will love to pay to access.

Types of Premium Content

Free vs Premium
Free vs Premium

One of the most popular kinds of premium content is online courses.

These courses, which are geared toward helping subscribers achieve specific goals, are a great form of premium content.

You can offer several short courses or few comprehensive ones that take the learners on a journey from rookie to pro.

Another excellent form of valuable premium content is a community forum that only members of your site get access to.

These forums are particularly useful for keeping member subscribed for a long time, and they require minimal effort to run.

Even if you don’t have a full blown forum, it’s wise to have a discussion section for your content.


Live webinars are another great way to keep your subscribers satisfied with premium content.

On these webinars, attendees can interact with and learn from one another. You can also invite guest experts to lecture your subscribers.

Other great forms of premium content include member calls where you get to interact directly with members of your site, content archives – downloadable forms of past live events, exclusively downloadable tools, resources, and software, and reference material such as checklists, workbooks, action plans, and cheat sheets.

Member Discounts
Member Discounts

Members of your site should also be treated to perks such as discounts, special offers, and other cool stuff from time to time.

A mix of the various content types mentioned above or a solid implementation of one is a recipe for success. Of course, balance is needed to avoid overwhelming your subscribers.

Equipped with a solid idea, smart strategies for premium content delivery, and precious premium content, you’re on track to creating a great membership site.

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