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Displaying custom push notifications

In this tutorial, you will learn how to display custom automated push notifications that you have created. Make sure to also read our tutorial for creating automated push notifications.

Once a new push notification type is created in the plugin, it will show up in the Notifications Screen in the app automatically once new data has been pulled from the Push Notifications API

Because a notification is usually related to an event or content, most of the built-in notifications will direct you to a related screen to view more about that event/content. This can also automatically work for custom push notifications depending on the link_url that the notification as an object carries, since the app will always try first to “deep link” that URL.

If the URL is not known to the app, the app will open the notification link_url in an in-app browser that loads the page in a webview. If you want this changed to have the app open a native screen for the URL, you can do this by extending the deep linking feature as explained in the extending deep linking tutorial.


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