Debug Tool

In this tutorial, you will learn you how to use the BuddyBoss App Debug Tool for custom development. This tool provides a console log to help you debug your React Native code. It also displays a log of all API responses coming from your app, in real time.

Opening the Debug Tool

While in an app development session, type ‘d‘ in the Terminal or command line. This will automatically open the Debug Tool in a web browser.

Using the Debug Tool

Go to the Console tab to output text from your custom code Git repository into the console log. Type ‘r‘ to refresh the app preview and also to refresh the console log.

Sample index.js file with code that will output in console:

import React from "react"
import {View} from "react-native"
export const applyCustomCode = externalCodeSetup => {
	// display at console first load
	console.log("Log Testing");

	// display object in console
		console.log("This is a console log with object.", {test:1,buddyboss:true});



Go to the Network tab to view API responses from your test app in real time. Navigate around your test app to load the API responses from specific screens.

Quitting the Debug Tool

You can quit your development session by typing q‘ in the Terminal or command line, or by tapping End Session from within the test app. Once the session ends, the Debug Tool will no longer update with any new data. Then just close the browser tab to quit the tool.


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