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Setting up your Git repo

Before you can deploy code to your app, you will need to create a Git repo at GitHub or GitLab, and then connect the Git repo to your BuddyBoss account so it can be merged into future builds. This is the repo that will be used for custom code changes in the app.

In the BuddyBoss Github, we have created a starter custom code template repo to get you started. You can either clone this repo, or download it and then copy the files into your existing repo. The files in this repo provide a basic framework for setting up your custom app code, which will all be written in React Native. Most of our app development tutorials assume you have already cloned or copied the custom code template into your repo.

You should add your code into index.js, and you can reference example.js for some code examples. Note that index.js can import as many other files as you want. See our Extending the App tutorials for more information about how to write code for the app.


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