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Social Login

Fully-customizable plugin that integrates with your existing login/registration system

Social Login is a free, fully-customizable plugin that allows your users to comment, login and register hassle-free. Made with the best coding practices, this tool works with a broad range of social networks including Google, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

The Social Login plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing login/registration system and offers neat and user-friendly forms. You can increase registration rates and offer a simple login experience. You can also eliminate spam and bot registrations so your users can focus on relevant content only.

Finally, the plugin is compatible with all plugins that follow WordPress coding standards including the BuddyBoss Platform and BuddyBoss Theme.

This integration is developed and maintained by OneAll Social Login. It is the responsibility of this developer to keep the integration updated to ensure it continues to work as intended and address major security concerns.

As this integration is not customized for BuddyBoss, there is no guarantee it will continue to work with the latest versions of BuddyBoss products.

For support with this integration, please contact the developer.

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