Introducing: The All New BuddyBoss Blog

Learn How to Build, Launch & Grow Your Business With Buddyboss Check Out Our Brand New Blog Today is an important day in BuddyBoss’s mission to become a world-leading authority in Online Course, Community, Membership and WordPress Publishing education! Going beyond building world-leading products, to empowering leaders like you to reach new heights with your […]

How to Increase Engagement in Your Online Community

So you’ve opened the doors to your online community, you’re getting a steady trickle of new members each week and people are digging your content… now what!  If you’re a community leader that’s already got a bit of traction in your groups (or you’ve been running a group for a while and it’s started to […]

A Brief History Of The BuddyBoss Fork Of BuddyPress

Backstory Since 2011 we at BuddyBoss have built our company around helping individuals and businesses succeed with online communities, courses, and membership sites.  In the early days, we relied on BuddyPress & bbPress to achieve that mission; both open-source plugins that allow anyone to add social community and forum functionality to their WordPress websites.   For […]

BuddyBoss Platform Performance Increased By Up To 181%

We recently released our biggest Performance Update yet for the BuddyBoss Platform, version 1.9. This performance-focused update was the culmination of months of work from our product team and addresses several major areas of the platform that needed to be whipped into shape!  While the beta was getting it’s final paint job we tasked our […]

WPML Enhances Support For BuddyBoss Translations

WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin have recently released version 1.7.0 of their BuddyPress Multilingual Plugin and we’re delighted to let you know that they’ve included enhanced support for the BuddyBoss Platform & Theme! This means that your BuddyBoss site is now even more translatable than ever before and is even more widely accessible to […]

2.0: The Future of the BuddyBoss Theme

April 29th, 2011.  Game Of Thrones episode 1 had just premiered on HBO. 🐺 “The Social Network” had recently not won best picture at the Oscars. 😅 And just a few days after Obama released his birth certificate to the public, something else was born to the social web:  The First BuddyBoss Theme Technically version […]