How to Monetize Your Wordpress Membership Site

Creating and running a membership site is an excellent way of generating recurring, partially passive income. These kinds of sites are popular among online entrepreneurs, and even big companies such as Adobe and Microsoft are beginning to utilize the subscription model for their services. With an adequately monetized membership site, you can generate steady levels […]

Get Your Group off Facebook Before You Lose Your Revenue

Paid-membership Facebook groups initially seem like an attractive proposition for people who want to build an income-generating community. Your existing or potential members are probably already on it; They know how to use it; And they’ll get push notifications to their mobile devices throughout the day, ostensibly keeping them engaged with your content. Plus, it’s […]

LearnDash Mobile App – How to create a mobile app for your LearnDash Site

The biggest problem facing online course creators is member retention.

For independent coaches, corporate trainers, and educational institutions alike, course completion rates are all-important indicators of success.

If course completion is low, learners aren’t receiving the benefits of your eLearning content.

If they’re not seeing benefits, they aren’t going to stick with you.

For any learning business, that means lost revenue. Independent coaches need that revenue to survive and to grow; trainers see that lost revenue in thousands of dollars worth of inefficiency; and universities will endure poor course evaluations, lower grades, less satisfaction among students and so on.

What even is a membership site?

In simple terms, a membership site is a members-only area of the internet, accessed by a restricted group of people who subscribe – either with a payment, or not. People generally set up membership sites as a source of revenue, and to drive customers to their content. However, membership sites come in all shapes and […]

50 BuddyPress Designs that will Blow Your Mind

Here are 50 BuddyPress sites with unique and inspiring designs.  99% Guaranteed to blow your mind! Enjoy. EasyOutsource | Visit Site EasyOutsource is a site where Filipino online job seekers and international employers can connect. It’s 100% free to use. (Full disclosure: EasyOutsource was built by BuddyBoss!) FoxyForex | Visit Site FoxyForex is a site that […]