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    I would like ONLY individuals I give permissions to write articles to have the blog options in the profile menu. All other users can read the blogs but shouldn't have any blog options in their profile menu. Doing so only confuses things for my standard users. How can I set this up? thanks,



    Hi @gdecuir
    If you are using any member page you can easily lock down create blog page for some specific user level or roles.
    Let me know how you are going to categorize your members which have blog permission to post ? It will help me to guide you in proper direction
    Varun Dubey


    Role “Author”: write a story
    Role “Moderator”: write a story, Approval Story for publishing
    Role “Subscriber”: read a story ONLY.

    My problem is I have users with only “subscriber” roles who can see the Blog menu in their profile. They also have permissions to write a story. I want users with ONLY a “Subscriber” role to view a story. No be able to write a story.


    Here's an example of what I want. Only users in the role “authors, moderator or administrators” should be able to see the following menu options. It's invisible to all users other role users.


    First – this is a really nice plugin and it has been great working with it.

    I second Gary's request. It is absolutely critical to determine who can and cannot post. I have “customers” on my site who can post a blog “story” and I only want authors to do so. I have used member page blocking to block the create new post page which works but when members are in their profile they still see the blog option and can post. I have used many permission and author plugins and it seems the plugin overrides their permissions and traditional roles are compromised. By default an author vs. customer should be a clear cut difference – a customer should not have posting permissions simply because they are on the buddypress site.

    We desperately need to be able to choose which users can make posts and have blogs as i have blog posters and customers (who should not have blogs) on my site — any chance of that happening? My current solution will involve a multisite install but that is far from ideal for us.


    Hi @dreemlil, For time being you can use any simple membership plugin to lock down the create blog page on the basis of user role
    Like you can use following one also and lock down page for subscriber with a public message.

    I have already suggested to include member role/type support for user blog.



    Hello I use a similar membership plug in but am struggling to understand what permissions we need to enable / disable.

    I have my authors allowed to write posts and have not given those capabilities to vendors, but EVERY member can see the Write a Story icon.

    Can you be more specific about how we so this Varun?

    Thank you,



    Do you think someone might be able to respond to this one soon?
    I think I need to deactivate this PAID plug in until it works as expected. Even my customers can write blogs it’s crazy!!!


    Try paid memberships pro then go to the create new post page and change permissions to be members only – you will have to make a membership level and assign it to anyone whom you want to post — I agree it's a serious issue and we need a reliable and easy way to determine who can and cannot post ASAP. I have the same problem – my customers need the buddy press features but defiantly not posting!


    @gdecuir @dreemlil @conscious-crafties The original idea of this plugin was to allow all user to create blog posts as it was designed around a social platform where all users are equal. I agree this is a good feature but since it was not part of the original design this will take several months to schedule completion. However, the above suggestion is a very good work around for the time being. Here is general procedure:
    1) Download/Install s2member
    2) Create a role in s2member for general users
    3) Create a role for blog access users
    4) Assign roles to users
    5) Create a rule for general users to restrict access to your Create Blog Page
    6) Hide the Create Blog Page from all user by adding this to custom CSS area:
    #buddypress div#item-nav .item-list-tabs ul li #blog-personal-li{display:none;}
    7) Show the Create Blog Page for EACH role by adding this to custom CSS area:
    NOTE: you will need to add this line for EVERY role
    .role-[insert role here] div#item-nav .item-list-tabs ul li #blog-personal-li{display:block;}


    Guess that's the problem when the plugin is just too good to be true 🙂 we all start dreaming of even bigger and better plans!


    Reading this forum, with everyone requesting for blog permissions, do you think that the ‘original idea of this plugin' maybe needed a little extra thought?

    Surely this is something fairly easy to code e.g. (if role = Author, then display Write a Story icon)?

    I think you need to mark all these requests as urgent…

    Thank you for your support,





    Hi @conscious-crafties
    We would definitely provide codes or added edits inside the plugin if it was only two liner.

    Please wait for while, Developer have to work on those features.

    Thanks for your patience.
    Varun Dubey


    … actually, this is a 2 liner code to be added… sorry to interupt, Varun, but permissions are easy to set on all your plugins… there is no coder able to do it, that's different.

    and it's not by hidding buttons and fields from members pages that you will make it efficient… hackers can easily see the codes and tweak into any blog if you suggest that to your clients.

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