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SureTriggers can help you automate many BuddyBoss-related tasks, such as adding users to BuddyBoss groups when they purchase a specific product from your WooCommerce store, adding users to BuddyBoss groups when they register for an event or fill out a form, and removing users from your CRM when they leave your BuddyBoss group.

SureTriggers also allows you to integrate BuddyBoss with other WordPress plugins such as FluentCRM, MailPoet, and others to automate processes.


  1. Lead generation: BuddyBoss may be used to build a lead capture form for your website, which you can then combine with SureTriggers to have new leads added to your CRM tool automatically.
  1. Appointment Scheduling: If you use BuddyBoss to schedule appointments, you can combine it with SureTriggers to automatically remind clients of their appointments. This will decrease no-shows and increase productivity.
  1. Course Enrollment: BuddyBoss can be integrated with SureTriggers to automatically send students who have finished a course a follow-up email inviting them to enroll in other courses. BuddyBoss may be used to handle online courses.

Customer support: If you use BuddyBoss to handle support tickets from customers, you can combine it with SureTriggers to automatically allocate tickets to the right team member, cutting down on response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

This integration is developed and maintained by SureTriggers. It is the responsibility of their developers to keep the integration updated to ensure it works with the latest versions of BuddyBoss products and addresses major security concerns.

For support with this integration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the developer.

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