Bring a modern directory to your online community

Directorist is a WordPress directory plugin that enables users to streamline the process of creating scalable and user-centric business online business directories. The BuddyBoss-Directorist plugin integration provides all the functionalities necessary to create a powerful community-based WordPress directory. The extension is lightweight and you do not have to depend on any other tools as your community grows as the combination is fully scalable. You can also merge some of the directory features into your community. 

Some of the key features include:

  • Fully compatible with the BuddyBoss Platform
  • View listings on the profile page
  • Add listings from the profile page
  • Favorite listings on the profile page
  • Assign listings to groups
  • View group-specific listings within the groups
  • Directory activities on the activity feed
  • Share listings on timeline
  • Redirect the Directorist login and registration page to BuddyBoss login and registration page.

Note: Other than the BuddyBoss Platform, you would require the Directorist plugin version 1.2, WordPress 5.0+, and PHP 7+ to operate the integration successfully. Also, since the plugin has been released this month, there are still some features that are yet to be integrated. Please make sure to follow this page as we plan to update it as new features are added.

This integration is developed and maintained by SovWare. It is the responsibility of this developer to keep the integration updated to ensure it continues to work as intended and address major security concerns.

For support with this integration, please contact the Directorist Support Center.

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