We joined TalkBox.Mom to enable Mobile Learning for their language learners with a custom mobile app solution powered by WordPress, AppBoss & LearnDash.

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About TalkBox.MOM

TalkBox.Mom helps families to start talking in a foreign language the same exact day they start. Language guides are delivered to families in the mail. They also use their AppBoss powered mobile app to practice the new language using the audio player.


Challenge #1 – Accessing the Audio was Difficult

The families receiving the language boxes had difficulties accessing the audio, to practice their new language.

The families were going into the TalkBox.Mom website, on the computer to listen to the audios. The experience was ok, but families wanted to have the audios in their phone, for ease of access.

Challenge #2 Cost of Creating an App are too High

When the team at TalkBox.Mom were looking for a service provider, they were getting very high quotes, way beyond the budget allocated for the project.

The client also had a family member who owned a large mobile app development agency, but the quotes received were still too high.

Challenge #3 – Mobile Development Companies don’t understand Wordpress & LearnDash

The client initially could not find a company that understood LearnDash well and could build a native mobile application for it.

The large majority of WordPress developers don’t know much and most mobile app developers know nothing about WordPress.

Finding a developer or a team that specializes in both technologies is extremely rare.

If you want to work with a team that is organized and if you want to get the results you’re looking for, I absolutely recommend working with AppBoss.

Adelaide Olguin

Founder & CEO at


Leveraging Appboss to Speed Up Implementation and to reduce costs

Our AppBoss mobile app solution was the perfect foundation for the TalkBox.Mom mobile app.

AppBoss already integrates with LearnDash, and since it is built on React Native it allows us to generate both an iOS and an Android app from the same codebase, saving us precious development time.

So we focused most of the budget on building the audio player and other custom features that are unique to the TalkBox.Mom mobile app.

Creating a Rebranding of the existing Appboss Appto reduce project costs

Rather than coming up with a totally different design, we took the AppBoss solution’s existing designs and rebranded them to match with the TalkBox.Mom branding.

This allowed us to avoid having to develop a new interface for complete app. Instead we only focused our custom design efforts on the screens that were unique to the TalkBox.Mom app, such as the custom audio player.

Creating an Audio Player for the Families to listen to and Practicewith the Audios

We have create a custom audio player for TalkBox.Mom that synchronized data with the WordPress powered website.

The backend functionality was built in WordPress, allowing us to use the same functionality to power the website front end and the mobile app screens.

We then custom designed the audio player screens and did the mobile app implementation.

The results were pretty amazing!

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