We joined Soccer Mindset Academy to enable Mobile Learning for their young players with a custom mobile app solution powered by WordPress, AppBoss & LearnDash.

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About Soccer Mindset Academy

Soccer Mindset Academy is the first fully digital platform dedicated to delivering powerful mindset and peak performance training for young soccer players and coaches.

The platform provides easy access to the same knowledge and mental performance techniques used by some of the best soccer players and most prestigious soccer leagues.


Challenge #1 – Low Website User Engagement

The company realized early on that the young players would only use the website for a few days and then it was difficult to get them back on. There was no user stickiness.

Although the young players loved the content, they just didn’t want to access it from a website. They wanted the simplicity of being able to access the content from a mobile app.

Challenge #2 – Low Website User Engagement

When the team at Soccer Mindset Academy started reaching out to mobile app development agencies, they were getting quotes for $100k to $200k USD.

This was much more than the budget allocated for this project.

Challenge #3 – Mobile Development Companies don’t understand Wordpress & LearnDash

Not only were the quotes they received too high, but these mobile app development agencies did not understand WordPress and LearnDash which powered their websites.

The big majority of WordPress developers know nothing about mobile app development and most mobile app developers know nothing about WordPress.

Finding a developer or a team that specializes in both technologies is extremely rare.

They made the whole process really easy and …were on a very tight deadline and a tight budget and I’m very pleased to say that the team has delivered on both.

Yalcin Bekar

Founder & CEO at
Soccer Mindset Academy


Leveraging Appboss to Speed Up Implementation and to reduce costs

Our AppBoss mobile app solution was the perfect foundation for the Soccer Mindset Academy mobile app.

AppBoss already integrates with LearnDash, and since it is built on React Native it allows us to generate both an iOS and an Android app from the same codebase, saving us precious development time.

So we focused most of the budget on building the unique features of the Soccer Mindset Academy.

Creating a Rebranding of the existing Appboss App to reduce project costs

Rather than coming up with a totally different design, we took the AppBoss solution’s existing designs and rebranded them to match with the Soccer Mindset Academy branding.

This allowed us to avoid having to develop a new interface for the app. Instead we only focused our custom design efforts on the screens that were unique to the Soccer Mindset Academy app, such as the exercises and the journal features.

Enabling full data synchronization with the website and push notification for engagement

One of the benefits of using the AppBoss solution is that it’s currently the only native mobile app solution that synchronizes data with the LearnDash powered websites in real-time.

This means that both the mobile app and the website get their data from the same database. So they’re always in sync.

Using our AppBoss solution allowed us to enable real-time data synchronization between the website and the App.

The AppBoss solution also comes with built-in push notifications functionality, which we were able to extend to create custom specific push notifications that were unique to the project.

Developing custom features in Wordpress that can be used on the website

The beauty of having a mobile app synchronized with your WordPress website’s database is that functionality only needs to be built once. The functionality built on WordPress can then have a UI displayed on the website and another UI on the native mobile app which uses APIs to communicate with the WordPress database.

This allowed us to use the existing functionality that the Soccer Mindset Academy had built. All the new functionality that was built was then used on both the website and the mobile app.

In the App Stores

Download App

The Soccer Mindset Challenge is access via our free app, available now on the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

A membership account is required to access the app.

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