We partnered with Project Life Mastery University to create a centralized course platform for their students powered by WordPress, BuddyBoss, and LearnDash.
Stefan James
Founder & CEO at
Project Life Mastery


Project Life Mastery University is a course platform for a variety of online business and self-development courses founded and created by Stefan James. PLMU provides world-class content, training, and coaching to maximize the potential in your personal and business life.


Challenge #1 - Too Many Websites to Manage

The company had several WordPress websites for each of their courses. When Stefan looked at the different options to create a course platform such as Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable, they didn’t really accomplish exactly what he was looking for. It was important for him to be able to customize the platform and provide a high-level experience for his students.

Challenge #2 - Multiple Websites to Access Courses

Some of their students were part of more than one course. This meant they needed to log into multiple sites to access their content. They wanted the simplicity of allowing their students to log into one website and access all of their courses.

Challenge #3 - Increase Course Completion and Engagement

When Stefan James reached out to our team, he was interested in learning more about his students. He wanted to know who was completing the course and who was getting stuck. If they were getting stuck, he wanted to know where. His current websites were limited in the ability to track user progression as well as incentivize students to continue their courses.

Challenge #4 - Frustrating Experiences with Freelancers

The company had past experiences of working with freelancers that left them frustrated such as not being reliable or able to complete certain deadlines. Stefan really wanted to avoid those types of frustrations.

I looked at Kajabi and Thinkific and Teachable and a variety of others, but they didn’t accomplish what I was looking for, they didn’t allow the customization, the experience and the standard that I was looking for...
Founder & CEO at
Project Life Mastery


Solution #1 - Leveraging the BuddyBoss S as the Foundation For a Course Platform

Our BuddyBoss Theme and Platform provided a solid foundation for PLMU’s courses. With out-of-the-box functionality to create member profiles and styling for LearnDash, PLMU was able to design a user friendly website with the BuddyBoss Theme.

Solution #2 - Optimizing Tools to Create a More Efficient Website Stack

Rather than continue using the software tools on their current website setup, the company was open to leveraging tools that created a more integrated solution for their team and students. We chose LearnDash as the LMS solution and Memberium as the membership plugin to control access to the content. This allowed students to have a more progressive learning system as well as the ability to access all of their courses in one place.

Solution #3 - Incentivizing Students With Gamification

LearnDash’s ProPanel provided PLMU with the ability to track the progress of their students. They are able to see how many students are participating and completing their courses. With the LearnDash GamiPress integration, PLMU can incentivize students with badges and achievements as they complete specific steps throughout the course. We customized the PLMU platform to have a course-specific leaderboard to show the top students within the course.

Solution #4 - Choosing an Agency to Deliver the Project

Stefan really wanted to work with the best company out there that had a great reputation and organization to his standards. Working with the BuddyBoss Agency, saved him a lot of stress, frustration, and money because we made the process easy.

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