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    All my product images are 600 wide x 900 tall. This theme crops the image, and locks it down so I can’t change the image sizes in WooCommerce product settings. How can I allow the theme to use the custom product image sizes I set in WooCommerce?




    Hi @smackmathew, If you’re having issues with your WooCommerce product images being too small, blurry, uneven or too big, this may be because of the image you’ve uploaded do not match your WooCommerce product image settings….

    How To Adjust Your WooCommerce Product Image Settings
    Step 1 – Click on the WooCommerce tab on your admin sidebar, and select the Settings tab.

    Step 2 – Click on the Products tab at the top of the page. Directly below those options, switch to the Display tab.

    Step 3 – Under the Product Images section, you will find the Catalog Images, Single Product Images, and Product Thumbnails dimensions which is calculated as Width X Height in pixels

    * Catalog Image is for your images on the shop page and for shortcodes. Single Product Image is for your images on the single product pages. Product Thumbnail is for your smaller product thumbnails for widgets.

    ** The images you upload to products will be resized to match the values you have input here. If your settings are 100×100 and you upload a 300×600 image it will be resized to 100×200. You can also choose to ‘hard crop’ your images which will force them to be the size specified in these settings, regardless of the raw image you upload, but will be cropped rather than distorted in scale.

    Step 4 – The minimum suggest width for images is 500px. If you do not want the image cropped, leave the height field blank.

    Step 5 – Once you have made your changes to the image dimensions, click ‘Save Changes’.

    NOTE – Your catalog image size and single product image size need to be large enough to fit the size column you want to use. For example, if you want to use a shortcode in a one_half column and have it fully filled, then you must have a Catalog Image size of about 500px in width, and your product image must be at least 500px.

    If you have other concerns, just let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.



    I have gone through this process to no effect. With other themes I can change these settings just fine and have it resize images accordingly. However, with the One Social Marketplace theme, adjusting these settings does nothing. What do I need to do?


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