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    Bloggers can only select ONE category now I’m using USER BLOG.

    (see screenshot)

    thank you for your help,






    Hi @conscious-crafties
    Take a look of this post to edit manage your categories
    It will need to edit plugin little bit on the basis of your category ids


    You have misunderstood 🙁

    I do not want to disable categories I want to allow users to select more than one.

    Thank you


    Hi @conscious-crafties
    I have notified developers to add multiple category options.
    Thanks for your patience

    Varun Dubey


    Any update on this one please?


    Bump. I need to do the same. It would also be great if there were additional variables in the backoffice settings- like choosing post type and taxonomies. Are there any simple work-arounds or modifications we could make to cover those particulars?


    i need more than one category too please


    Has there been any resolution to this?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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