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    My community has almost 14k members, and as much as I really enjoy the photo uploading feature, it is very flawed. Besides the images no longer showing on the activity feed (which I have also posted about in the BuddyBoss 3.0 support forum), they upload into my personal media library. It would be absolutely amazing if these simply uploaded into a separate folder somewhere else on the server as it is impossible to navitgate through my media as a site admin and even deleting the thousands of pictures that have been uploaded is going to take tons of time. I don’t even necessarily need access to user uploaded photos in the wordpress backend, they just shouldn’t be mixed with my site media library. I have since disabled the feature, but it was also a huge selling point for me, so I would absolutely love to get this not only working, but working efficiently and appropriately. I really hope you guys have plans to implement something like this in the future.



    I have worked with clients on some work arounds to this issue I will pull my record and see if i can post you a solution to this problem


    Hi Christopher,

    great to have you in the community 🙂


    Thank you I try to help where i can


    That would be great! Thanks for chiming in and seeing if this is something you can help with. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    @marketfiremedia send me a note with your site address in it so i can review it with my team and I am happy to help you out

    Would you want a plugin you can use to add this function we can do it one of two ways a standalone plugin to give the funcanility or custom code to the BP core


    @cwilliams, PM sent


    @marketfiremed sent back



    Reply : currently we have change the profile picture from member’s page
    then add that picture in “Avatar” folder under ‘uploads” folder with member id.
    When we change that picture then remove old one and replace with new picture.

    Please tell us what you want
    1) Manage member’s profile picture like media on admin section.
    If yes, then we have to make plugin for that same as media manage media.
    2) Profile picture update while edit profile under “users”.
    If yes, then we have to install “User Avatar” plugin.


    @cwilliams, I am not concerned with the Avatar/profile images, but the activity image uploads by all users in the activity feed. I just want them in a separate folder, so they do not show up in my media library in the wordpress backend. Hope that makes sense. If you have a solid solution, that would be great, please do share!


    I thinks this is a very good feature and should get a look.

    When users start upload media all go to my media library, so you can imagine what a mass is there.



    Any word on whether or not this feature is getting any consideration for a future release? I am thinking about turning the upload photos feature back on at the requests of my members, but I am very hesitant due to the giant mess it makes in my media library. I would love to hear from someone on the Buddyboss team on whether or not this has, is, or will be considered for a future release. Thanks.



    @marketfiremedia unfortunately this is not on the near term radar. We just completed separating components of the theme to a photo plugin, wall plugin etc. Once we get the major bugs sorted in the next few minor releases I can get back with a more realistic feature on this one.


    I’d seriously love this as well! Even with our small initial community that we have for our Beta, as a photo community, the amount of uploads makes it incredibly hard to keep track of our website resources.

    I can’t imagine doing it when we get to a much larger number of members.

    Any updates on this becoming a reality?


    if your goal is to show only the medias related to a post when opening the media uploader, instead of the entire load of medias, this plugin is the only thing you need: https://wordpress.org/plugins/default-media-uploader-view/

    instead of editing your scripts, simply load this.

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